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Why choose Colombia?

Working as a British Council Language Assistant in Colombia gives you a truly unique opportunity to experience this exciting and vibrant country whilst improving your language skills and gaining valuable teaching practice. A post in Colombia will expose assistants to a culture far removed from that of the UK. Those who are willing to adapt to a different way of life can enjoy discovering Colombia and its warm and welcoming people. 

What will I do?

The majority of posts in Colombia are at university level, teaching English to students who are eager to develop their proficiency in the language. Conseqently, posts in Colombia are very well suited to applicants who are interested in gaining further teaching experience. You will also be offered opportunities to take on more responsibility in the classroom which will add to your professional development. Please note that you must have Spanish language skills equivalent to B1. 

How does it all work?

Posts in Colombia are well suited to applicants interested in gaining further teaching experience as it is likely that you will be required to take on more responsibility in the classroom. As such, we are looking for mature, adaptable candidates who wish to further their professioanl development in an exciting, vibrant setting.

Where can I go in Colombia?

The location of the posts available in Colombia varies from year to year, depending on the needs of the host institutions and on a range of other factors affecting the region. Therefore, it is not possible for applicants to select regional preferences within Colombia. For details about recent locations, please read the 'Latin America - Supplementary Information' document. 

Will I be interviewed?

Candidates who pass the first stage of selection for posts in Colombia will be invited to take part in a further assessment stage before being offered a post. This further assessment will take place on a rolling basis before April 2017.

Will there be an induction course?

Pre-departure briefing

You will be invited to a one-day pre-departure briefing in London in late June or early July. 

Induction course

Induction courses are normally held at the British Council Colombia offices in Bogotá or at the employing institution. Specific details regarding the induction course will be provided by our overseas partner organisation prior to departure.


How much will I be paid?

The monthly allowance for Language Assistants in Colombia in previous years has been around $1,768,500, and we expect this to be similar for 2017-18. 

When will I hear back?

Email confirmation - You will receive an email from us confirming receipt of your online application once this has been submitted. 

February – March 2017 – We will be holding assessment days at British Council offices in the UK. 

April 2017 - Candidates will find out if they have passed the assessment stage by mid-April.

June 2017 - You will find out whether you have been allocated to a country immediately or are placed on a waiting list. (Please note that we have previously been able to allocate everyone from the waiting list throughout the summer, and hope to be able to do the same this year.)

July 2017 - You will be told the location of your post from the British Council in the UK and/or from our overseas partners.

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