Scenic mountain view of Patagonia in Chile
Patagonia, Chile ©

Douglas Scortegagna under CC BY 2.0

Why choose Chile?

Chile has a rich cultural heritage and boasts famous Latin American poet Pablo Neruda among its legacies. Stretching down the west of the southern cone, it is flanked on the east by the Andes and on the west by the Pacific Ocean, giving assistants the chance to live and work in a truly remarkable and geographically diverse country. 

What will I be doing?

Most of the posts in Chile are in universities, however there are a few available in primary schools. In Chile, you will be employed by the institution which gives you an opportunity to really get integrated in your host institution.

How does it all work?

  • Posts in Chile are either from late July 2017 until late June 2018, or from late August 2017 until late July 2018
  • Assistants will normally work a maximum of 18 hours per week (occasionally they will be asked to work extra hours, which will be paid on a pro-rata basis)
  • Although the majority of posts are at university level, there are usually one or two posts available in primary schools
  • Although visa costs for Chile vary year-on-year, applicants should be aware that these can be very high (around £600) and should take this into account before applying.
  • You must have Spanish language skills equivalent to B1
  • Please note that if you receive a positive trace on your ICPC, even for an offence expunged from your record, you are unlikely to be granted a visa for Chile. 


Where can I go in Chile?

The locations of posts in Chile vary from year to year. Examples of recent allocations are available in the 'Supplementary Information' document. You may state a preference in your application, however, we cannot guarantee that successful applicants will be placed in their prefered town/area. Applicants should be prepared to be flexible and accept a post wherever they are allocated.

Will I be interviewed?

Candidates who pass the first stage of selection for posts in Chile will be invited to take part in a further assessment stage before being offered a post. This further assessment will take place on a rolling basis before April 2017.

Will there be an induction course?

Pre-departure brief

Successful candidates will be invited to a one-day pre-departure briefing in London in late June or early July. 

Induction course

Induction courses are normally held in Chile prior to commencing the assistantship, usually at the British Council Chile offices in Santiago, or at the employing institution. 

How much will I be paid?

The average monthly allowance in previous years has been around 398.000 Chilean Pesos, and we expect this to be similar for 2017-18. This will provide a reasonable basic standard of living for one person.

The monthly allowance for Language Assistants varies from institution to institution, and will be confirmed in your contract. 

When will I hear back?

Email confirmation - You will receive an email from us confirming receipt of your online application once this has been submitted.

Applicants may be required to undergo further assessment - this will take place between February and March 2017. 

April 2017 – You will find out if you have passed the assessment days by mid-April.

June 2017 – You will be told if you have been offered a post or placed on a waiting list. 

July 2017 – The host location will be confirmed from the British Council or host country institution. 

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