Test production and examining

A career in English language test production usually starts with experience as an EFL teacher and the specialised training required for TEFL. In the course of working as an EFL teacher, it’s likely you would be preparing people for international English language tests such as IELTS or Cambridge English exams, and some teachers choose to train as examiners for these.

Many teachers working for the British Council take on additional part-time work as IELTS examiners. We also hire freelance examiners when we need them, especially in territories where we don’t employ any teachers, such as mainland China.

IELTS is an established brand with a range of additional roles such as Senior Examiner, Principal Examiner, External Auditor and some back office and clerical roles, contracted by one of the international partners which manage IELTS around the world, including The British Council and Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Aptis is the British Council's online English language test. We employ people to mark speaking and writing tasks online as Aptis Examiners on a freelance basis. These are not office-based jobs with regular hours; you can work anywhere with a good internet connection and most of our examiners work at home, taking on a flexible amount of work when available.

How to apply

You can visit the IELTS examiner information page to find out more about how to become an IELTS examiner.

Back-office and management roles contracted by the British Council for IELTS are occasionally advertised on our jobs portal or on the British Council country websites.

For more information on becoming an Aptis Examiner, contact the Aptis team or visit the Aptis website.