Recruitment 2015


We are currently advertising vacancies for managers to lead our work in English language teaching and Exams management starting from early Autumn 2015. The roles are spread across the whole world, but we are recruiting for all these posts at the same time because they share common features. We were looking for professional managers with a background in education and business. 

Our work in English language teaching and assessment, and international exams management is fundamental to our reputation as a leading world authority. We are a forward thinking organisation with ambitious plans for the future, aiming to reach 12 million people through our work in English and Exams in the year 2015. We will also continue to develop our award winning digital learning content, using the UK’s vibrant culture as an aid to language learning. We need talented and dedicated managers to help us achieve these goals and others.

Most contracts are for 2 or 3 years in each location, and you will be joining a group of professionals with excellent prospects for career progression. We expect managers to relocate within our network every 2-3 years. When we recruit for higher level positions we fill most posts from within and rarely need to advertise outside.

Recruitment Timetable:

  • Deadline for applications is: 23:59 UK time 31 March 2015
  • Interviews: Week commencing 27 April
  • We will contact successful candidates by week commencing 18th May 2015
  • Contracts start: August or September 2015

What’s on offer?

We offer fixed term contracts for two or three years, with a package of benefits tailored to the location. The roles fall into three broad categories: Exams management, Teaching centre management and project management. Some posts are well established, others are pioneering new territory. All of them will give you opportunities to gain skills and experience to take your career forward.

How to apply?

The deadline for applications is 23:59 UK Time 31 March 2015. Other similar vacancies may be advertised outside of this process. You can find these on our jobs portal.

Head of Adults, Korea

The pioneering MyClass model of delivering EFL teaching across East Asia is now a year old and working well. This role will play a key part in the development and expansion of the Adult programme in Korea, as well as daily operational duties. Ensuring that all teachers delivering courses to adults are experts in their field, and that our products and services for adult learners meet their needs and expectations. HR management of the teaching team, marketing and business development and some financial responsibility.

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Deputy Teaching Centre Manager, Rabat

The full scope of Teaching Centre management duties, leading the teaching team and ensuring that our teaching operation has a solid base for future growth. Morocco is at a language tipping point as English becomes the major language for higher education, commerce and the next generation. Managers with ideas for continual improvement to our services will find this a rewarding and interesting post.

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Deputy Teaching Centre Manager, Casablanca

Good business management skills and academic leadership are needed in this role, as the Casablanca teaching centre aims to consolidate its current position and establish a platform for future growth. An opportunity to be part of a management team that aims to reposition our brand and re-shape our competitive advantage in a market where English is increasingly desired as the language of opportunity.

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Deputy Teaching Centre Manager, Kuwait

Operational management and leadership of the teaching team in Kuwait, and leading local initiatives to meet the needs of particular market segments. Our teaching operation expanded considerably in 2014 but there is still scope for further growth, whilst needing to maintain high standards. You will be building on secure foundations in a very exciting market with great potential.

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Assistant Teaching Centre Manager Abu Dhabi / Business Development Manager for Young Learners, UAE

A dual role combining operational management of the Abu Dhabi teaching centre – in new premises from summer 2015 - with specialist responsibility for developing our Young Learner teaching business across all the  Emirates. An excellent opportunity to consolidate strong academic, YL and operational management skills and to develop business development skills.

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Assistant Teaching Centre Manager, Young Learners, Bahrain

In the Bahrain teaching centre, Young Learner courses is the main part of our business, and we hope to work with a local partner school to expand our programmes further. We aim to be recognised as a centre of excellence for YL teaching and you will play a vital role in helping us achieve this. The post includes a small amount of classroom teaching. Someone with a ‘can do’ approach will thrive here.

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Deputy Teaching Centre Manager, Teaching and Exams, Alexandria

A dual management role, leading both the teaching team and the exams team in Alexandria, which makes this a good stepping stone to higher level roles within the British Council. For an ambitious manager, this is a rare opportunity to lead both sides of the business, both of which are growing to meet rising demand. This role also includes the opportunity to contribute to the management of a major premises project in 2016-17. UK or Egyptian passport essential for immigration. 

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Assistant Teaching Centre Manager, Adult programmes, Egypt

Based in Cairo, but with responsibility for leadership and management of Adult courses delivered in all our teaching centres across Egypt, particularly in the new centres as they open. Direct management of three senior teachers and up to 8 teachers, you will also undertake a small amount of teaching. The large scale of our operations in Egypt means this role has scope for a manager to diversify our adult offer and develop new approaches to delivery. UK or Egyptian passport essential for immigration.

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Assistant Teaching Centre Manager, Teacher Training, Egypt

Overall responsibility for the highly regarded teacher training programmes based in Cairo. While you will deliver some training as needed, the main focus of this role is management of the entire teacher training portfolio. This includes training programmes for the external market as well as teachers employed by the British Council in Egypt. UK or Egyptian passport essential for immigration.

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Assistant Teaching Centre Manager, Business Development and Corporates, Egypt

A crucial role in the Business Growth Team in Cairo. You will identify opportunities for new business with schools and corporates across Egypt and develop new approaches for delivering English programmes and products. Digital delivery is key to the success of this strategy, although your team of 8 teachers and trainers must also deliver high quality language courses under your leadership and management. UK or Egyptian passport essential for immigration.

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Deputy Country Exams Manager, Business Development and Client Relations, Egypt

A substantial business development role for an experienced manager, with a track record of meeting income and impact targets for service or product delivery. You will be part of the Business Growth Team for Egypt, planning and delivering nationwide growth strategies for UK school and professional exams and English language tests. The role will also give you excellent experience of developing client relations skills. UK or Egyptian passport essential for immigration.

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Assistant Country Exams Manager, Nigeria

We’re very excited about our new enterprise in Nigeria, where we plan to deliver IELTS preparation courses for the first time, in tandem with our thriving Exams business across all four centres nationwide. You will manage the design and delivery of IELTS preparation courses in Nigeria, and pursue new business opportunities for our exams business in Abuja and surrounding provinces. This post has diplomatic status and a UK passport is essential for immigration.

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Academic Manager, Tanzania

An excellent opportunity to consolidate strong academic and operational management skills, and develop business management skills. While there are definitely challenges, Tanzania is full of potential and we are well placed to meet education needs across a number of sectors. There is considerable scope to expand our EFL teaching offer. This post is an opportunity to build on good foundations and increase our capacity for the future.

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Academic Manager, Sri Lanka

A combination of academic expertise and business insight is needed for this role. You will ensure that the teaching teams across Sri Lanka are trained and motivated to deliver high quality English courses. You will also collect and analyse market and customer information, and follow through any changes to ensure our teaching operations keep pace with the local market. This role includes a small amount of teaching.

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Head of Programmes, Nepal

A wide ranging management post, covering our programmes in English, Education, Arts and Local Cultural Relations. English and Education programmes form the majority of this role, chiefly working with state schools to build their capacity for English language teaching and assessment. We also have ambitious targets for engagement with our digital products nationwide.

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Lead, Blended Learning and ELQSP

In this role you will face obstacles, setbacks and unpredictability but not many jobs offer such an opportunity to drive big growth and business success. If you are an entrepreneur at heart and want to seize opportunities on a big scale, this is the role for you. We have high quality blended learning products and high demand from key audience segments. Your task is to deliver across a widely dispersed geographical area in an unpredictable and challenging market context. You will also lead our English Language Quality Standards Programme (ELQSP), a membership scheme for English language training providers in India.

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Deputy Examiner Manager, Assessment Quality, China

Managing up to 15 Examiner team leaders across four centres in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou). Ensuring that all the IELTS examiners and markers involved in delivery of our high stakes language tests and exams in China meet high professional standards.  

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Deputy Examiner Manager, Learning and Development, China

Design, deliver, monitor and evaluate the L&D programme for 400 IELTS Examiners in four major cities across China. We aim for all examiners to operate to high professional standards and ongoing professional development is embedded into our people strategy. Responding to feedback and market intelligence, you will ensure our examiners remain experts in their field.

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Learning and Development Manager, China

Reporting to the HR Director in Beijing, you will manage delivery of Learning and Development for all our staff in China, and be known as the ‘go to’ person for L&D. This role is part of the China HR Management Team – not an EFL teaching or exams management role. A qualification in HR / Learning & Development is required. 

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English Project Manager, Lebanon

An opportunity to contribute to education reform in Lebanon, improve the quality of English teaching nationwide and establish a long lasting and sustainable system of professional development for teachers. The role includes teacher training and pursuit of high impact partnerships in English language education across Lebanon. Working with local partners, and British Council colleagues in neighbouring countries, you will also extend the nationwide reach of self-access learning products through digital, broadcast and mobile media.

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Assistant Teaching Centre Manager, Kyiv

Operational and Academic management of the thriving teaching centre in Kyiv. You’ll also manage the myClass product and potentially our major contract with NATO, if renewed. The operating context presents many challenges as well as opportunities and this role gives you scope to lead our business in a volatile but high priority market.

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Deputy Teaching Centre Manager, Tunis

The main challenge in the coming year will be implementing the changes to our commercial status in Tunisia and the impact on our teaching team. You will also work with our English programmes team on the wider promotion of online English products, and manage our flagship teaching operation, recognised as a model of best practice for the whole ELT community in Tunisia. By the end of your contract here, you will have a wide range of management experience to take to your next position.

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