Teaching centre management

All of our teaching centres have a manager who leads the teaching team and takes responsibility for the success of the business overall. The biggest centres will have middle and senior managers at various grades, while the smaller ones may be managed by just one person or managed from a distance by a Teaching Centre Manager in another country. The management structure of any operation around the world could be arranged differently to suit the context and operational needs.

Our teaching centres operate as businesses in a competitive environment. Just as with any other business in the education sector, your duties as a manager revolve around day to day operational management, dealing with customers, products, competition, marketing, pricing, class-fill, premises, cash-flow, staff reps and a hundred other things. Your role may also include some more strategic management responsibilities – perhaps negotiating with partner premises or evaluating teacher-utilisation data.

What we're looking for

You will need a business and marketing background.

Experience of operational management such as managing resources including people and finance, in an English language courses or educational context, is essential.

Ideally you would have experience working in a context or market which is dynamic or complex.

Teaching qualifications are highly desirable but not essential for all management positions.  

How to apply

We are advertising several management positions right now – click here to see a list

Outside of this, individual posts or smaller groupings of these vacancies are advertised throughout the year. You can find vacancies on the British Council’s central job site.