Product development

ELT is evolving fast and we are developing new ways of delivering English tuition to meet students’ needs as well as training and development materials for English teachers. We offer materials through digital and broadcasting platforms so that teachers and students can learn whenever and wherever they choose. All our ELT materials are created by a global team of experts, with contributions from freelance consultants. 

As an EFL teacher you will already have skills and experience in using other peoples’ materials and in designing your own. If you’re an English language teacher trainer you will have experience in designing and delivering training materials to teachers face to face and perhaps online. If you have a flair for creating materials for students or trainee teachers, we can give you opportunities to develop this further and be a writer for the digital and broadcast space. 

What we're looking for

Candidates need teaching experience

Familiarity with a wide range of formats for learning and training materials

Have confidence in using collaborative working tools such as Skype and Google Docs

How to get started

Some writers start part-time while employed as a British Council teacher, responding to a brief handed to them by a project leader. Further up the ladder are full-time project managers, then content managers with an editorial role – commissioning and assembling content from others, ensuring that it is consistent and meets the brief.


An alternative route is open to people with specialist technical skills. Our technical team evaluates different platforms and systems, and manages the development of new products from a technical perspective. You can find vacancies on the British Council’s central job site.