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As an IAESTE trainee leaving the UK, you will benefit from a range of networks, formal and informal, which support you while you are on your placement. And if like many others you return to your home country full of enthusiasm for the IAESTE experience there is plenty you can do to encourage and support future trainees.

Before you go

Pre-departure briefings in the UK will give you the chance to get to know other participants who are going overseas. You will also meet students who have taken part in IAESTE before and will have the chance to ask them lots of questions. 

While you are on your placement

Your host country will put you in touch with their local IAESTE student committee who will welcome you to their country and help you to get settled. Through this network you will be able to meet other students on placement in the area.  

If by chance you face any problems during your placement, the host IAESTE committee in country is your first point of contact. IAESTE UK staff at the British Council are also here to support you with problems that can’t be resolved locally.

Telephone: + 44 (0)161 957 7755

Email: iaeste@britishcouncil.org 

After you return

Fresh from your experience you could now join your local student committee to help future trainees. 

It means you can:

  • offer help and support to other students and make new friends
  • make contacts in companies through networking - could come in handy when you graduate
  • get involved in international events and do more travelling as you visit  IAESTE Local Committees overseas
  • put it on your CV – another way to boost your employability 

Get in touch with your local committee to find out more:

Join the IAESTE ALUMNI network

Current and former members, trainees and employers share and capitalise on their IAESTE experience.

It is the place to network - professionally and socially - whether advertising a job in your company, reminiscing about an unforgettable experience or seeking a new international contact.

Each IAESTE country has their own area, so you can easily find information and people relevant to you. Areas can also be created for industries, so that knowledge can be shared across professional fields. And perhaps most importantly, there’s space for social groups. It’s your space - managed byIAESTE Alumni for IAESTE Alumni.

You may find that a degree is often not enough to get you a job after you graduate and that being able to show you have relevant practical experience will help. So tell others about us, promote IAESTE to international industries and academics in Science, Engineering and Applied Arts to help secure future placements for students all over the world. 

Join the club.