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All short listed applicants are invited to re-confirm interest in the IAESTE Programme and submit up to three placement preferences from the Job Catalogue. Please refer to the Guidelines for IAESTE 2017 UK applications for the full information before completing the survey. 
(Please find these downloadable documents at the bottom of this web page)

Completed Surveys must be received by IAESTE UK by the deadline of 11:59pm (midnight) on Sunday 26th February 2017.  Should you fail to complete the Survey by this deadline, you will automatically be placed on the Reserve List for any late Work Offers.  

Surveys received by Sunday 26th February 2017 will be considered by IAESTE UK for the purposes of Selection and Matching and only one student will be Nominated for each Work Offer. If you wish to withdraw from the IAESTE Programme, please do complete the relevant question in the link to confirm this and we will update our records accordingly.


IAESTE UK – Application for Placements 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Subjects and Eligibility

We appreciate that there is often an overlap between some subject fields.  You can apply for any placement you feel qualified for, but bear in mind that competition may be high. It is essential that you explain clearly why you are suitable for the selected placement. 

Study Level

Beginning (1-3 semesters)

Middle (4-6 semesters) – open to all students

End (7 semesters and over) – open only to student in their penultimate or final year

For students studying an integrated Masters as part of their undergraduate degree, please bear in mind that ‘End’ usually refers to the end of a Bachelor’s degree.


Language required

Employers state in their Work Offers the level of language proficiency they require from their trainee. English is a standard IAESTE requirement; other languages are either stated as mandatory or optional depending on the employer/country. The language required for IAESTE placements is rated using the following proficiency scale:


1 = Excellent

2 = Good

3 = Fair


If you are a non-UK national, we require a scanned copy of the English Language Form or a valid English Language Proficiency certificate. If your certificate is out-of-date, please still provide a scanned copy of the certificate with your application documents, along with a scanned English Language Form signed off by your University Tutor. If you have been studying at a UK university for two or more years or have resided in the UK for a reasonable length of time, the scanned English Language Form signed by your University Tutor is sufficient.


Work offered - description

Sometimes work descriptions vary in length and detail.  If you want more information, try an internet search to find out more about the company/organisation and their location. Under no circumstances should you make direct contact with the employer. 

Placement dates

You need to commit to the stated number of weeks offered.  With some offers, you may be able to choose when you do the placement. For example, if the offer says 6 to 8 weeks within 2 June to 26 September 2017, you will be able to work either six, seven or eight weeks within this period. You would normally be expected to start the placement on a Monday and finish on a Friday, and you cannot split the placement up – i.e. work for four weeks, have two weeks off, then continue. You should only choose placements if you can meet the date requirements. 

Pay/Cost of Living

The Gross pay, deductions, estimated cost of living including accommodation will be indicated in the relevant sections of the Work Offer.  All costs are quoted in the local currencies and at a monthly rate unless otherwise indicated.

Required Documents

If you are unable to provide any of the required application documents in your PDF file, please provide a valid reason on your application form.  



It is an IAESTE requirement that you have a valid passport at the time of Nomination for a placement.  If you are in the process of renewing your passport during the application process, please include a scanned copy of the front outer cover and picture page of your old passport in your application documents, along with a note stating that you are in the process of renewing it.  Please forward a scanned copy of the new passport as soon as possible.


Word limit for Placement Reasons

You will be asked to write up to 300-word statement for each (up to 3) selected Work Offers. Although there may be some repetition in your statement(s), you should ensure that you address all the Assessment criteria for each of your selected Work Offers.

When will I find out if I have been successful?

All applications received at the 26th February 2017 deadline, will be considered by our Assessment Panel.  You will be informed of our decision during the week beginning 13 March 2017.   

Due to the high volume of applications we are unable to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants. 


Fees and other related costs

The costs involved for you as the student will be:

  • £200 Fee to IAESTE UK (only payable once you have been successfully Nominated to an overseas placement and you confirm your Acceptance of this)
  • Flight / travel costs to and from your country of placement
  • Insurance - policy to cover travel, personal belongings and personal liability
  • Any required visa or vaccination costs (dependent on country you go to)
  • Additional spending money
  • The salary you will receive from the employer will cover the cost of the accommodation and your living costs (food, local travel, standard purchases).


For architects only – portfolios

If the offer specifies that a portfolio should be submitted, this will be required once we have selected you for Nomination for a particular offer. You do not need to submit your portfolio at this stage. 

Late Offers

From April onwards a number of late offers will become available via our IAESTE partner countries.  Should you not be successful in the first round of Nominations, look out for details of later offers (via email/website) and respond promptly to those of interest.


Thank you for your interest in IAESTE and good luck with your application! 

If you have any further questions please email iaeste@britishcouncil.org