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Applications for IAESTE have now closed. The next round will open in September 2018.


Application Guidelines

Applications are now closed.

This is a new application process from previous years and is a much more streamlined registration of interest:

  • Complete eligibility section to confirm that you are able to take part in an IAESTE work placement
  • Complete 'Your Details' section with personal details of nationality and gender etc
  • Provide your personal contact details for IAESTE communications - university and personal email address recommended
  • Provide details on your University, course and graduation timetable
  • (Optional) upload the following three support documents if you have them:

1. An up-to-date CV

2. University Transcript

3. University Certificate or Letter of Enrolment

If you do not currently have these, then you should begin preparing them for February when we will have to recieve them in order to complete any nomination for a placement on your behalf.


Finally, in order to complete a registration of interest you will be required to make a payment for £10 (plus VAT) via the online payment system on the final tab. We cannot accept offline payments.

Please be sure too complete all of these steps in order for your registration to be fully submitted. This must be completed by the deadline of 12pm, Thursday 7th December (This is mid-day).  

If you any questions please email iaeste@britishcouncil.org 

After you have applied


The registration of interest period will close on 7th December.

Mid February

A Catalogue of available international placements will be shared with all applicants who registered their interest with us.  You will be asked to submit up to three placement preferences.

We will ask for further supporting documents and conduct an assessment on candidates to identify those who we will nominate for each job.

Mid March

By this point you will find out if you have been successfully matched to any of your placement preferences.

If you are matched successfully, you will receive details about the selected placement and a request for all additional documents as outlined above. If you are not happy with the placement, you will be placed on the Reserve List for future offers.

IAESTE UK will request additional documents for nomination and you will be required to pay the £200 (plus VAT) fee to IAESTE UK. Please see below for more details.

For those who do not find placements during this stage there will be plenty more opportunities offered by IAESTE through 'Late Offers'. All applicants who choose to stay on our short list will be notified of any offers published in their field and will be able to put in an application for the consideration of the employer.

April and June

You will be informed of final acceptance as soon as IAESTE UK receive confirmation from the international employer. At this point you will be able to proceed with arrangements for your travel, insurance and visas etc.

IAESTE in your host country will inform you of accommodation details once you have provided confirmation of your travel arrangements to IAESTE UK.

We will give you contact details of your employer before you start. If you have any questions about the type of work you’ll be doing please don’t contact them until we confirm it’s OK. Contact us instead at iaeste@britishcouncil.org.

June onwards

Go on your placement – and make the most of it! Don't forget to use our support networks!

And remember... 

Once you have accepted the nomination you have committed to the placement, so please don’t pursue other opportunities. If something rare happens and you are rejected or the placement is withdrawn for any reason, IAESTE UK will do our best to find you an alternative.


Documents for March

To accept your placement you will need to send:

  • the £200 (plus VAT) placement fee
  • a completed Nomination Form
  • a cover letter to the placement employer
  • a scanned copy of the front outer cover of passport along with the picture page. (If you are in the process of renewing your passport, include a photocopy of the old passport with your application.)
  • Up to date CV
  • Official Certificate of enrollment (obtained from your university admin deparment)
  • Official transcript of all modules competed on your course

If you are a non-UK national you will also need:

  •  a scanned copy of the English Language Form (download below) or an English Language Proficiency certificate. 

Once we have received your documents

IAESTE UK will send your completed nomination form to the IAESTE office in the host country, where they will liaise with the employer and make the final decision. You will be told as soon as possible if you have been accepted by the employer. Sometimes, employers are delayed in responding and could take until early summer before notifying the local IAESTE office.

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