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The UK has healthcare services you may be eligible for. Please read the below information and ensure your personal safety before you arrive in the UK.


If you have a routine illness during your stay, you will need to be registered with a General Practitioner to receive treatment. For emergencies dial 999 or 112 (these numbers are free to call) and ask for the ambulance service.

For nationals from EU and EEA member countries, and Switzerland:

You are entitled to treatment under the National Health Service (NHS) on the same basis as UK residents and you are entitled to receive some hospital treatment free of charge in the UK.

For further information on available treatments and costs involved please visit the NHS website.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC):

If you are a national of an EU/EEA country you should apply for the EHIC online.

This will entitle you to free emergency treatment (not to full healthcare) in all European states.

For all non EU/EEA nationals:

You are allowed free emergency treatment but some doctors may not offer you other medical services free of charge.

Therefore, you are strongly advised to take out private medical insurance before leaving your home country otherwise you will have to pay for private treatment in the UK.

Personal Insurance

It is a requirement of IAESTE that participants should take out comprehensive personal insurance. Proof of insurance coverage must be included on the Acceptance Note before you return it to your national IAESTE office.

Incoming trainees are covered in the same way as UK nationals for industrial accidents under the provision of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Some of our reception programme activities include outdoor sports, such as canoeing, hill-walking, etc. Please make sure your insurance covers you for these activities.

Neither IAESTE UK nor the British Council can be held responsible for any accidents which may occur either at your place of work or elsewhere during your training placement in the UK.

Personal Safety

Whether this is your first time travelling abroad or you are a frequent traveller, please read Safety First document available from: