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When a Glasgow-based director of global engineering and environmental consultancy URS Glasgow first heard about IAESTE at an industry dinner, he didn’t hesitate to get involved.

The company was working on a large project in Sweden and Director Alan Frew and his colleagues knew that offering traineeships to Swedish students would give their team a great advantage.

“There’s very little bureaucracy involved in providing a placement. After the initial decision to take on a trainee is made, most of the work is performed by IAESTE. It’s all very easy from that point of view.”

As these placements were such a success URS decided to offer two additional placements the following year, one in its Glasgow office and one in Belfast. As well as providing translation services and liaising with the Stockholm team, the Glasgow trainee worked alongside the company’s engineers to address design challenges.

“IAESTE provides URS with an opportunity to make use of unique skills which may be less readily available in UK-based students,” says Alan Frew. “It is the nature of good business to always suspect that there is a catch, but in IAESTE there is no catch. It’s a good thing to do for your company and for a student. I am a convert.”