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Intelesens, a leading Northern Ireland based healthcare products manufacturer, decided to test its new range of wearable, vital signs-monitoring devices. It lost no time in recruiting an IAESTE trainee for its team.

“IAESTE placement candidates are an elite, self-selected subset of University level students who by presenting themselves to the programme, have already demonstrated exceptional self-confidence, ambition, motivation and the drive to grasp the opportunity” says CEO Michael Caulfield, who has employed more than a dozen trainees over the years.

“The IAESTE selection process allows you to define as precisely as you need, the technical profile of the resource which will add to the value of your team and then IAESTE does the rest.”

The firm were delighted with their IAESTE trainee in 2013. Alexis Dubois from KU Levern University Belgium, not only had a bachelor’s degree in electromechanical engineering and a master’s in mechanical engineering from Tsingua University Beijing, but had also completed various industrial traineeships abroad. Alexis proved to be a valuable member of the team and helped develop the prototype of a body-worn pulse oximetry sensor, which is set to go into production next year.

To prospective employers Michael said “I strongly recommend you consider taking a placement this year and in future years. IAESTE provides plug-and-play, off-the-shelf human technical resources!