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The IAESTE programme helps your company recruit top students in the fields of science, engineering, technology and applied arts from a pool of candidates from over 80 countries worldwide. Recruiting a trainee to support a short or long term project can help you fill crucial skills gaps within a particular project or team. It can also give your company a competitive, international edge by introducing trainees with local market knowledge and language skills from around the world.

Fill your company's skills gaps and add an international dimension to your business

With IAESTE, your company can:

  • access a pool of 10,000 high-calibre, skilled trainees from over 80 countries 
  • recruit trainees at extremely competitive rates for short or long term projects (six to 52 weeks)  
  • overcome communication barriers and tap into the global market by acquiring international trainees with multiple language skills 
  • enhance your export strategies through your trainee’s international knowledge and networks 
  • profit from sector expertise and cutting-edge techniques from around the globe
  • build relationships with the industry leaders of tomorrow and raise your organisation’s profile abroad.

Concerned about the administration that employing an international worker entails?

Fear not - the service provided by the IAESTE programme covers the sourcing of candidates, as well as handling all the necessary administration (e.g. assisting UK Visa and Immigration application processes.) This service is completely free of charge. 

Qualities of IAESTE students

Recruiting an IAESTE trainee guarantees that you will be getting someone who:

  • possesses specialist, technical skills
  • is of a high calibre and extremely motivated
  • is curious and eager to learn
  • will bring a new, international dimension to your business.

Read about the benefits an IAESTE trainee can bring to your business with our employer brochure.

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