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The IAESTE programme is designed to be as straightforward as possible for employers. 

To offer a traineeship you will need to complete this simple online traineeship form (you will need to register/log into our portal to complete the form). 

You will need to complete information on: 

  • subject field
  • specialisation
  • level of study
  • IT capabilities
  • language ability
  • previous practical experience
  • nationality
  • salary

for traineeships to start in the summer months of 2017, PlEase submit as soon as possible. 

When we have the details, we will begin the matching process to find the best possible student for your traineeship opportunity.

The only cost to the company is the student’s salary, which must adhere to the national minimum wage. 

The service that the programme provides, in sourcing the student and taking care of the administration, is completely free.

Already have a particular applicant in mind?

If you have already identified an international participant to take up a paid traineeship in your organisation, we may be able to assist with the Tier 5 – Temporary Worker - Government Authorised Exchange visa process. Contact us for further information.