The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) provides cutting edge, paid industry placements for international students in the UK and for UK students in over 80 countries worldwide. 

Since 1948, over 350,000 students from the fields of science, engineering, technology and applied arts have taken part in the programme. As well as being an invaluable opportunity for them to kick-start careers in their chosen fields, the added challenge of working abroad allows trainees to build their confidence, a global network of friends, and develop skills that will help them make their mark in today’s global economy.  

IAESTE has also played an invaluable role in the workplace and academic circles, supporting universities and companies to recruit top students and fill essential skills gaps on short and long term projects, as well as benefit from new ideas, fresh perspectives and, in many cases, multiple languages skills. 

The British Council manages IAESTE UK with support from the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Department of Education of Northern Ireland.

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