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What is HEGlobal?

HEGlobal is a joint initiative between Universities UK International (UUKi) and the British Council. Its purpose is to empower UK universities' transnational education activities (TNE).

We do this through facilitating dialogue between UK universities and overseas partners, sharing information, advice and guidance with UK stakeholders as well as through representing universities' TNE strengths and interests to the UK and overseas governments. 

TNE in UK higher education

TNE is increasingly important to the UK higher education sector and is growing in strength. It is:

  • Far reaching: 701,010 students were studying offshore for UK degrees in 2015-16 (HESA Aggregate Offshore Record) in all but 15 countries. More international students are enrolled in UK-delivered TNE programmes than are studying in the UK.
  • Diverse, flexible and strong: TNE is delivered in almost all academic fields, at every level, with the possibility of studying part-time and full-time, through distance/online learning, studying in-country through a partner or through a physical campus.
  • Growing: UK higher education TNE grew by 13.4% between 2012-13 and 2014-15.
  • Strategically important: TNE was valued at £496 million per annum to the UK higher education sector in 2012-13, and represents 11% of international student fees. Read the full report here.
  • Leading in international partnerships: More new UK HE TNE is delivered with other universities, colleges or even overseas governments. The UK is a partner of choice for TNE because of its strengths including quality assurance, curriculum development and assessment.

Support to UK universities

HEGlobal supports the growth of high quality overseas programmes for UK universities by:

  • Providing a hub for dialogue around TNE policy development and stimulate debate.
  • Enabling UK universities to maximise their TNE performance, developing the higher education sector's capacity to utilise resources and data.
  • Providing a collective voice for UK universities on TNE-related policy developments.
  • Furthering research, knowledge and data on TNE.
  • Promoting all forms of TNE and raising awareness of its benefits.

HEGlobal events

HEGlobal events address the questions surrounding TNE using UK and international experts. They enable the UK higher education sector to improve its knowledge of TNE while also offering excellent networking opportunities.

Further information about the latest events can be found on the website

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