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Going Global provides an open forum for world education leaders – those in the non-compulsory education sector with decision making responsibilities – to debate issues surrounding global higher and further education, and to discuss collaborative solutions.

We are therefore seeking innovative, agenda-setting proposals that will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and insights across borders. We welcome challenging perspectives, and are especially interested to hear from thought leaders anticipating and driving future agendas.

Successful proposals will engage with the conference theme Global cities: connecting talent, driving change. For further information visit our theme page.

You are invited to submit one of the following proposals (450 word max.) from Tuesday 30 August 2016:  

Type of proposal




Propose a response to the Going Global 2017 themes in order to be placed in one of the sessions as a presenter, panellist, or chair/facilitator.

Monday 3 October 2016


Propose a poster to be displayed at the conference to discuss with delegates.

Friday 3 February 2017

Guidelines on submitting a proposal

For further information on submitting a proposal please see below (or download as a pdf). Successful proposals will fulfil the listed criteria, so please read this information carefully. 

Session formats

Going Global is committed to producing rich, interactive sessions which combine the expertise of speakers and delegates. Broadcast approaches are therefore not in the spirit of Going Global. Some sessions lend themselves to the conference app – a digital tool for gathering audience insight – and others rely on more traditional techniques of engaging delegates. 

The types of sessions that Going Global 2017 will develop include, but are not limited to:

  • Presentations – onus on innovative approaches, horizon scanning and agenda-setting;
  • Panel debate – emphasis on arguing for a particular policy or perspective;
  • World Cafés – focus on discussion and knowledge sharing;
  • Fishbowls – a platform for articulating new voices.

Speakers may be offered a place in any one of the above sessions.

Proposal types

Going Global 2017 invites you to submit either a speaker proposal or a poster proposal.


Propose an innovative response to the Going Global 2017 theme, Global cities: connecting talent, driving change in order to be placed in one of the sessions as a:

  • Presenter – for thought leaders and visionaries; 
  • Panellist – for those willing to defend a stance;   
  • Chair/facilitator – for those dynamic and able to drive discussion.

We aim to bring together innovative proposals from around the world into one diverse session and as such we cannot accept proposals for an entire session and there can be only one speaker per proposal.


Successful poster presentation proposals will be invited to display for the duration of the conference. Poster presenters will have the opportunity to present their poster in front of conference delegates. Presenting a poster is a fantastic opportunity to network and engage delegates in discussion around the theme of your poster.

Number of presenters per proposal: 1-2 depending on the proposal.

Assessment criteria

Ahead of producing and submitting a proposal, please ensure that you have read and understood the assessment criteria, against which all proposals will be assessed:


Please consider that Going Global delegates are sector leaders including Ministers, policy makers and Vice-Chancellors


The proposal addresses this year’s theme: Global cities: connecting talent, driving change 


If you have new research to launch at Going Global, it should be theoretically and methodologically rigorous, globally relevant, make a genuine contribution to knowledge and have high impact potential. The Steering Committee will ask to see timelines and methodology if the proposal is scored highly.


The proposal will offer new, innovative ideas.


The proposal will identify trends and make recommendations.


The proposal will create a critical debate or tension with which the audience can engage


The proposal must not be a direct advertisement of an institution, product, service or other self-interested category

Selection process

All proposals undergo a rigorous peer review process, based on the above assessment criteria.  The quality of submissions for Going Global is extremely high - last year 400 proposals were submitted with less than 50% getting through the selection process. 

Proposals will be grouped into thematic clusters to ensure there is only one session on any given topic. If selected, we may ask you to change the focus of your proposal slightly to fit in with other proposals in the same cluster and the overall conference themes.  

Once the committee have peer reviewed the proposals they will adopt a holistic perspective to develop a thematically coherent conference programme that offers delegates diverse global perspectives. 

Decisions of the committee are final.


Tuesday 30 August 2016 Call for speaker and poster proposals opens
Monday 3 October 2016 Deadline to submit speaker proposal
Friday 3 February 2017 Deadline to submit poster proposal
 Wednesday 25 January 2017 Early bird registration opens
 Friday 7 April 2017 Early bird registration closes
Monday 8 May 2017 Registration closes

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions have been developed to ensure that the Going Global programme remains of the highest quality and that applicants fully understand the conference development process.

  • Speakers and Poster presenters are required to purchase a conference pass at the contributor rate by Friday 24 March 2017; 
  • Speakers give permission for their profile information to be published online; for photography, filming and webcasting to take place at the conference, and for this footage to be published by the British Council;
  • Speakers must be available to present on either of the two conference days (23 to 24 May 2017) as determined at the time of scheduling;
  • Speakers and poster presenters are expected to cover their own registration fees, travel and other costs associated with attending the conference in London.