Date Wednesday 15 May 2019
Time 15.30 - 18.00
Location Collection and drop off at the bcc Berlin Congress Center
Register Via the Going Global 2019 registration form

Digitalisation affects us in almost every aspect of our lives. The use of innovative technologies does not only change the way we communicate, but also offers opportunities to improve health care. Digital health technologies help professionals and individuals alike to use personal data for self-tracking and prevention, empowering us toward better health. The growth of the digital health market fosters innovations for a highly regulated market that used to be defined by a few big pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Today, many startups play their part in the digital health sector, developing new technologies and applications with the aim of greater independence and improved health outcomes. This tour will guide you to some of Berlin’s digital health experts and founders. In order to use personal data for digital health applications, large amounts of data need to be processed intelligently – which leads us to the second topic of this tour.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the major trends in today’s tech scene. This technology makes it possible for machines to learn from experience and adjust to new inputs, allowing machines to perform highly demanding tasks. Artificial intelligence is nowadays applied in various fields, advancing numerous industries like finance, health care and agriculture. 

This Going Global startup tour takes you to startups or institutions that are contributing to Berlin’s vibrant innovation scene in the areas of digital health and artificial intelligence. Meet the experts and get an exclusive insight into the startup landscape!