Future Management: leadership insights in emerging economies

Monday 01 June 2015 -
13:30 to 14:45
Session 2.8. Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London.

As institutions around the world compete to secure strategic partnerships with the new emerging economies, the leading institutions in these countries are inundated with requests from foreign universities to participate in a multitude of collaboration programmes, exchanges and international initiatives.

At the same time, the governments of emerging nations look to their best institutions to spearhead their national reform agendas in research excellence, innovation and teaching. This places these universities in positions of enormous opportunity, but such opportunities pose dilemmas and challenges.

This session brings together vice-chancellors from leading national universities in India, Brazil, China and UK. The session will explore how their organisational cultures are evolving to respond to the rapid reforms and opportunities.

For further reading on this and related topics, read our speaker interview with Professor Suranjan Das.

Dr Dame Nicola Brewer
Vice-Provost - International, UCL, UK

Nicola is responsible for UCL’s Global Engagement Strategy to increase UCL’s global impact. She’s a former British diplomat, having lived and worked in India, France and Mexico, and was British High Commissioner to South Africa (2009-13). She was CEO of the EHRC (2007-09) and DG Programmes at DfID (2002-04). Session 2.8

Dame Nicola Brewer

Professor Suranjan Das
Vice-Chancellor, University of Calcutta, India

Professor Das is Vice-Chancellor, Director of the Institute of Foreign Policy Studies and Chair in History of the same University. He is member of General Council of National Assessment and Accreditation Council. He was previously member of India-New Zealand Education Council, India-UK Leadership Programme, and the University Grants Commission. He remains associated with special committees of the Commission and the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Session 2.8

Professor Suranjan Das

Professor Pamela Gillies CBE
Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Pamela has been Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University since 2006. A Trustee of the British Council from 2008-2014, she is a Founding Trustee of the Grameen Scotland Foundation, bringing the Grameen Bank to the UK and a member of the Global Advisory Council for the African Leadership University. Session 2.8 Session 4.1 

Professor Pamela Gillies CBE

Professor Carlos Alexandre Netto
President, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Carlos Alexandre Netto is President of the University and also Associate Professor at the Department of HE. He has been President of the Brazilian Society for Neurosciences and Behaviour, SBNeC, and Regional Secretary of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science, SBPC. His academic administration career includes serving as Head of Department, Director of the Institute of Basic Health Sciences, Vice-President for Research and Vice-President for Undergraduate Studies. Session 2.8

Professor Carlos Alexandre Netto

Professor Song Yonghua
Executive Vice-President, Zhejiang University, China

Professor Song Yonghua is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a fellow of International Euro-Asia Academy of Sciences and Vice- President of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE). In 2009 he was appointed Assistant President for International Affairs of Tsinghua University and was Director of Chinese National Office of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (1000 Talents Program) until December 2012. Session 2.8   Session 5.1

Professor Song Yonghua