Tuesday 23 May 2017 -
16:15 to 17:30

Session slides

You can view the slides here.

This session will look at the idea of local power and, specifically, the conditions for leadership: 

  • Is local power being devolved without the appropriate support given to those who will wield it? 
  • Could a national system be best for meeting local needs?
  • How can national and local needs be aligned to deliver results for both?
  • What constitutes local power?

A range of expert speakers representing a diverse set of countries will provide different perspectives on how power over education and skills development can be best devolved.  We will explore the idea of meeting local needs through labour market information and how this can fit into a broader national, industrial and training strategy.


  • Sir Frank McLoughlin, Director of Leadership, The Education and Training Foundation, UK (Chair) 
  • Manail Anis, Senior Program Manager, King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Courtney Brown, Vice President of Strategic Impact, Lumina Foundation, USA
  • Tom Burke, Deputy Chief Executive, Y Care International, UK
  • Tracy Ferrier, Global Skills Lead, British Council, UK
  • Dr Nathan Pike, Senior Consultant, Oxentia, Oxford University Innovation, UK
  • Professor Imran Rahman, Vice-Chancellor, University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh


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