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Can a single tweet change the course of thousands of students considering studying abroad? If so, are institutions equipped to support students when they most need it and prepared to be the voice of reason?

International competition for high quality students and young researchers continues to grow apace. At the same time, the world of international recruitment is being radically changed by digital technologies. These present significant opportunities to reach and attract many more potential applicants, as well as to provide better student support. The same technologies, however, are profoundly affecting the decision-making choices of students and young researchers, as social media creates alternative realities and changes their perceptions of countries and institutions.  How can HEIs best navigate this complexity? Presenting new research and case studies, our speakers argue that the answer is two-fold. It lies in using smart, real-time data to inform us how students are responding and behaving in an ever-evolving global stage - and having real people there for students and young researchers to turn to. A new study outlines the impact of global, social and political events on early search activity, examining online behaviour and student perceptions across the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A second study, based on surveys of higher education professionals in the US, provides evidence-based insights into changes in enrolment patterns as they played out in real time. Finally, a case study of the European Euraxess network examines how online tools and face-to-face services might be integrated for HE recruitment.

The session asks:

  • How can HEIs better understand student decision-making. How can they remain the guiding force that students trust in times of rapid news cycles?
  • How should HEIs balance digital tools and face-to-face support?


Mr Simon Emmett, CEO, IDP Connect (UK).

Mr Paul Schulmann, Associate Director of Research, World Education Services (USA).

Dr David Glowsky, Acting Head of International Strategy Office, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin (Germany).