Notwithstanding growth in the number of students involved in credit mobility, obstacles to participation in outward mobility remain. In this session, we hear from those responsible for national policy developments in four different countries. We ask what’s new and what are they hoping to achieve. We then hand over to a group of students who are completing a period of mobility in Asia. They will each lead a world café table to critically review and provide feedback on the coherence of the strategic vision and policy objectives.

Questions explored include:

• What are national authorities doing to increase outward student mobility, in terms of national strategies, participation targets, campaigns and platforms?

• Is there more we can do to raise participation in outward mobility?

• Is there a disjunction between national policy and the student experience?

• Can students’ experience of mobility contribute to influencing policy interventions by the host as well as the sending country?


  • Brett Berquist, Director International, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Christian Muller, Director Strategy, DAAD, Germany
  • Celia Partridge, Assistant Director, Partnerships and Mobility, Universities UK International, UK
  • Guy Perring, Regional Director Asia, i-graduate, Malaysia