Smart cities: engaging creativity and youth

Tuesday 23 May 2017 -
16:15 to 17:30

Enthusiasts of the smart cities movement claim that the technology revolution will transform 21st century cities into more vibrant, interconnected and more liveable environments.

But is technology enough to drive progressive change and innovation in our smart cities?  What is the role of universities in this civic transformation and how are cities engaging with the creativity, energy and skills of young people?

This session debate will explore the extent to which technology can drive change in smart cities, whether universities, engaging as civic leaders and educators, have a crucial role to play and how young people are engaged in creating smart cities relevant to their needs.


  • Professor Jagan Shah, Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs, India (Chair)
  • Sharon Bamford, Vice-President, Sannam S4, UK
  • Sajida Shroff, CEO, Altamont Group, United Arab Emirates
  • Dr Ewan Simpson, Dean of Business and Co-Director of the Kazakh-British Competitiveness Centre at the Kazakh British Technical University, Kazakhstan