This session will tackle some of the challenges of knowledge diplomacy through practical examples and case studies, with discussions exploring the role of universities as vectors, new models of learning and how branch campuses are driving innovation.

In order to keep higher education affordable over the last half a century a major 'massification' has been embraced. How are universities rising to the challenge of tackling this massification through solutions such as open education practices and Online Global Learning Communities? Can global knowledge-exchange widen participation in learning through Open Education Practices and create new possibilities in education, enabling universities to improve access to learning locally and globally? How can digital tools be used to enable a more personalised and 'humanised' education within a mass education setting, empowering knowledge creation through multi-local actions and online delivery?

How can we ensure international learning does not remain an “add-on” for a small percentage of the student population? Can universities still be vectors of knowledge diplomacy and can physical campuses still drive innovation in this new era of Artificial intelligence, automation, unbundling etc.?