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Digital culture has profoundly transformed not only the role and operating model of educational institutions but also of other "cultural infrastructures" such as museums. Today, museums have taken on new and very extensive roles as strategic assets for knowledge diplomacy and creators of soft power capital for cities and countries. Like higher education institutions, they contribute to positioning cities and countries on the global map and generate both jobs and social capital. They also play a major role in defining a sense of belonging and identity. Increasingly, they are facing many of the same challenges as higher education. In an age where experts are distrusted how do museums create a dialogue with local communities and the wider public? How do they provide greater access for communities and how do they engage them in relating to knowledge and developing cultural identity? And, in ever more fractured societies, what are the challenges in building social capital?

In this participative session, speakers describe how museums are tackling some of these challenges. The audience is invited to consider what synergies there might be between the world of museums and that of higher education. Can these learn from each other- and are there areas where there could be greater collaboration?

The session will include a presentation by expert speakers, followed by a group discussion with the audience concerning key questions and themes.