Friday 4 May 2018, 09.30 - 10.30

This session argues that the roles that the English language and English medium instruction (EMI) play in a university’s internationalisation and development need careful consideration and articulation. Policy makers at both institutional and national level should review critically the role English plays in ensuring that universities strengthen their international engagement, capacity and employability offer. This is not just a question of EMI and requires the articulation of what the university is trying to achieve through English across the whole range of university activity.

This session will provide an opportunity to share and exchange ideas on the roles of English and EMI, with examples drawn from current practice in Turkey, Brazil and the ASEAN region. It includes presentation of key findings of a recent review of Turkish universities’ language policies.

Questions explored include:

  • How do we best position an English language policy within a university’s internationalisation policy and measure how effective that policy is at adding value in the university and the workplace?
  • How is support best provided to academic staff and students in order to ensure that English Medium Instruction is successfully implemented?
  • How well does my own institution’s language policy align with its broader policy framework and mission?


  • Wendy Alexander, Vice-Principal – International, University of Dundee, UK (Chair)
  • Denise Abreu e Lima, President, Language Without Borders, Brazil
  • Dr Daniel Brooker, Senior International Education Manager, University of Cambridge
  • Aysen Guven, Head of English and Higher Education, British Council, Turkey