A woman speaking at the Going Global 2013 conference
A woman speaking at the Going Global 2013 conference ©

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PP1.01 Innovation Scotland

Prof Albert Alexander Rodger, Vice-Principal of External Affairs, University of Aberdeen, UK


PP1.02 Promoting intercultural competence through study abroad cycles

Brenda Garciá, Director of Internationalisation Projects, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico


PP1.03 How global innovation successes can enrich local innovation efforts

Dr Erick Outa, Independent Consultant, Researcher and Adjunct Faculty, Strathmore Business School, Kenya


PP1.04 New solutions to global medical practitioner supply challenges

Prof Andy Kent, Dean of Education, St George’s, University of London, UK


PP1.05 Communication of language innovations

Chakratit Dhanagom, Senior Lecturer, Political Science Department, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand


PP1.06 Human capital development towards innovation in Africa: a stakeholder analysis

Prof Bill Puplampu, Dean, Central Business School, Central University College, Ghana


PP1.07 The role of science education in developing countries

Heitor Geraldo Santos, President, Brazilian Association to Incentivize Science (ABRIC), Brazil


PP1.08 The benefits and challenges of English Medium Instruction: enhancing English language proficiency and outcomes in global higher education

Michael Carrier, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Cambridge English Language Assessment, UK


PP1.09 Infrastructure of international education: from regional to global educational environments

Dr Konstantin Bezukladnikov, Head of Foreign Language Education Department, Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University, Russia,

Dr Boris Kruze, Associate Professor, Foreign Language Education Department, Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University, Russia


PP1.10 A vision for the future

Heidi Reid, Executive Conference Advisor, National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS), Australia


PP1.11 Outsourcing international provision

Hersha Pandya, International Development Consultant, Leeds Trinity University, UK


PP1.12 Distance learning in Ghana – employing innovation to combat accessibility

Alberta Tackie Larkai, Principal Administrative Assistant, National Council for Tertiary Education, Ghana


PP1.13 'US - Russia Innovation Corridor' for global innovators

Dr Alexander Bedny, Head of International Affairs, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, National Research University, Russia,

Prof Alexander Grudzinskiy, First Vice-Rector, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, National Research University, Russia


PP1.14 Driving student success through analytics and innovation

Andy Clark, Vice-President for Enrolment, Marketing and Communication, Valdosta State University, USA,

Brian Haugabrook, CIO, Valdosta State University, USA


PP1.15 Innovative UK-US strategic engagement: creating impact through successful partnerships

Andréa Edwards, Director of International Development, University of Birmingham, UK

Dr Tim Barnes, Director Illinois Strategic International Partnerships, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA


PP1.16 Building triangular relationships with global partner universities and industry

Prof Stephen Flint, Associate Dean of Internationalisation, University of Manchester, UK


PP1.17 African centers of excellence: engaging collaboration for national research and education network

Evans Takyi Ankomah-Asare, Coordinator of Universities and Polytechnics, National Council for Tertiary Education, Ghana


PP1.18 Crouching tiger and hidden STEMs: how to introduce and sustain pedagogical innovation across national educational systems

Hervé Didiot-Cook, Senior Lecturer, St Mary's University College, London, UK


PP1.19 e-REAL: enhancing intelligence

Dr Fernando Salvetti, Founder and managing partner, Logos Knowledge Network (LKN), Switzerland