Wednesday 30 April 2014 -
09:15 to 10:30
Miami Beach Convention Center

Innovation and inclusion for impact: the role of internationalisation in driving some of the world’s fastest growing economies

Some of the fastest growing economies in the world such as Turkey and Brazil are investing heavily in reform, development and expansion of their higher education systems in the conviction that enhancing intellectual capital, research and innovation will help them build the powerful knowledge economies to which they aspire.

What do senior policy makers see as the impact of increased innovation in higher education? What has been the impact of rapid expansion of higher education that allows many more young people access to universities? At the same time as the drive to innovate and expand, increased internationalisation of higher education systems is a major goal. What effect does internationalisation have on innovation? How does it affect policies to widen participation and access? Internationalisation of research and innovation opens doors to the global market but at what risk? How is intellectual property shared and agreed between international partners? Do growing economies secure their fair share of intellectual property in international collaborative projects? With the growth of academic and researcher exchange and collaboration, how do countries mitigate the risk of brain drain? How does the drive to attract more and more international staff and students benefit the host country. Does it deny opportunities and access to students and staff in-country?


Prof. Glaucius Oliva

Professor Glaucius Oliva

President, National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), Brazil

Prof. Oliva is also a Professor at the Institute of Physics at São Carlos, University of São Paulo (IFSC/USP), where he has taught since 1982. Research interests are focused on structural biology and its application in drug design and discovery, with emphasis on parasitic infectious tropical diseases.  He has received the Medal of Commander of the National order of Scientific Merit.

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