A woman speaking at the Going Global 2013 conference
A woman speaking at the Going Global 2013 conference ©

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PP2.01 Education in the age of globalisation and migration: experience from Norway

Prof Marko Valenta, Professor, Department of Social Work and Health Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NUNT), Norway,

Zan Strabac, Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NUNT), Norway


PP2.02 Best GPA´s Program - the Faculty of Engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia 

Dr John Kelly Bonilla Aranzales, Advisor of Academic Cooperation, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia


PP2.03 Neoliberalism and Academic capitalism in Higher Education. Issues in Higher Education Identity, Policy and Social Inlcusion in Emerging Economies

Jorge Ortiz-Quiroga, Research Student, Institute of Education, University of London, UK


PP2.04 Stimulating a new model of inclusiveness for education partnerships and internationalisation: strategies, challenges and prospects

Olalekan Abiodun Fadeyi, Programs and Policy Director, International Centre of Development Initiatives (ICDI), UK


PP2.05 National and global innovation systems

Dr Farhat Jabeen, Assistant Professor, Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan


PP2.06 Inclusion of all to have a meaningful impact

Dr Muhammad Saeed, Head of Management Sciences Department, Bahria University, Pakistan


PP2.07 The University of London international programme’s international engagement model: broadening inclusivity through quality assurance

Olivier Chapman, Head of Institutions Assurance, University of London International Programmes, University of London, UK


PP2.08 Skills development and the demand for university education in Nigeria: what institutions can do

Dr Igot Ofem, Lecturer, Lagos State University, Nigeria


PP2.09 Courses taught in English: an experience from a Brazilian public university 

Prof Carlos Eduardo Vergani, Deputy Head of International Office, UNESP - São Paulo State University, Brazil


PP2.10 ETH Zurich—driving Switzerland’s agenda for sustainable growth and employment

Dr Jürg Brunnschweiler, Director of Global Institutional Affairs, ETH Zürich, Switzerland


PP2.11 Russian universities XXI challenge: evolution vs. revolution?

Prof Olga Ushakova, Professor, National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Russia


PP2.12 Building an industry-led national VET system for the UAE: an innovative and inclusive tripartite model

Dr Thani Al Mehairi, General Manager and Deputy Minister, National Qualifications Authority, UAE


PP2.13 Skills development initiative of the University of Delhi: sustainability, a case study

Dr Mamta Bhatia, OSD, Campus of Open Learning, University of Delhi, India


PP2.14 Inclusive pathways to higher education and the workplace: partnerships in using international assessments of English 

Dr Hanan Khalifa, Head of Research and International Development, Cambridge English Language Assessment, UK


PP2.15 Opening the world of higher education: a space to build on diversity and complexity

Jelena Gledić, Associate Professor, University of Belgrade, Serbia,

Jasmina Nikolić, Vice-President of Higher Education Reform Experts Team, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Department, Serbia


PP2.16 Higher education in Ghana: a guide to prospective international participants

Prof Nicholas Nsowah-Nuamah, Rector, Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana


PP2.17 Business Reinforcement Program: Plan Padrinos 

Dr Seamus Scott Dufurrena, International Coordinator, Externado Business School, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Colombia