HEIs strive to be both global players and contributors at home - two ambitions that are often difficult to combine. There is now increasing evidence of how HEIs are building bridges between their global and local activities enabling each to benefit the other. This session explores three examples demonstrating how:

  • Global and local universities have been integrated;
  • Themes have been used to build bridges between international communities and universities;
  • International students and staff act as global bridges to the local community.

We ask how these add to our understanding of the benefits of international higher education to local communities.  What are the challenges in maximising these benefits in the future?

Questions explored include:

  • What are the shifting delivery models that will shape the future of global higher education and can they benefit local communities?
  • How can universities’ internal structures support new styles of partnership involving international communities?
  • What challenges does a broader and fully international engagement of social and community objectives present? 
  • How can universities manage an extended international community engagement alongside research and teaching pressures?