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In their efforts to improve equity and raise participation in outward mobility, national and supranational authorities are increasingly moving their focus to groups not adequately represented in the cohort of mobile students. These may be groups defined by their family income, by their ethnic group, by disability or by some other factor which adds to existing obstacles to studying or working abroad.

This session provides an update on work taking place in three different European regions to understand better the problems faced by these groups and to provide advice and support to overcome them.

  • Which groups are under-represented in outward mobility and why?
  • What additional measures can we take to support them and raise their rate of participation?

There will be accounts of national strategies in this area, case studies of institutional interventions and reviews of impact one year after the original studies were undertaken. The session will be of interest to policy-makers, senior staff from international offices and other delegates working with outward mobility.


Ms Anna Cunningham, Director of International Affairs, National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland)

Ms Sabrina Apitz, Student (Germany)

Mr Ethan Ruby Student (United States)

Ms Anastasiia Sheremet, Student (Ukraine)

Aysha Hudeib, Student, Freie Universität Berlin, (Germany)