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Developing human capital and a new generation of researchers should not be a luxury, exclusive to a small group of countries and universities.  Yet the capacity to do this is unevenly distributed and inadequate across much of the globe. While international collaboration could provide one answer, expanding this has often been held back by scepticism about the impact of globalisation, growing populism and a public distrust of expert opinion.

So, how should we tackle this? In the digital age, can we exploit online platforms and implement crowdsourcing to draw upon our collective intelligence to solve real world issues as well as to improve communication and engagement with wider society? What are the main challenges in building capacity across more countries and universities, and how can the global community contribute?
This ‘Camp Fire’ style session will allow delegates to hear from and contribute to discussions around the following themes:

  • Navigating the challenges of funding
  • The research culture in Pakistan – strengthening engagement with public through digital
  • Using digital to increase and facilitate collaboration
  • Practical examples of international collaboration in the Mediterranean region to support reaching the sustainable development goals.

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