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Partnership working is crucial in education. Often this is taken to meet public – private partnerships with industry supporting education institutions to improve learning. However, education has a broader purpose and are we missing out on some of the clear benefits that education can offer to industry and other partners?

This session will explore different types of collaboration and what impact the models are seeking and attain.

This session will explore different examples looking at: - Connecting research and programmes more closely with industry needs, Why education should learn less from businesses and more from charities and a whole sector Approach.

Key questions will be:

  • How best do we define roles in partnership working?
  • What role should industry play and is this overstated to the detriment of other partnerships?
  • How do we align different agendas and skills to improve learning outcomes?


Mr. Neil Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, National Skills Academy for Rail, UK  

Mr. Chris Percy, Associate Director, Firetail, UK 

Moromoke Nimota Raji, Member of the Governor's Steering Committee on Special Education Intervention, Ministry of Education, Abere, Osogbo, the State of Osun, Nigeria