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The launch of new research from the British Council – the latest update to the 'Shape of global higher education' study. Running since 2016, this research presents a comparison of the national higher education policies and frameworks across more than 40 countries and compares them with a view to how supportive this policy environment is for international engagement in higher education and research.

New for 2019 – in addition to an update of the policy environments, and a greater focus on Europe, this session will present analysis of additional metrics to indicate the national level of investment into furthering international education and research.  The session will reveal a deeper understanding of how policy environments are shifting over time, and how the international engagement of different systems has changed accordingly.

Are national governments investing in policy developments and providing funding to facilitate international engagement? If so, why and how are they doing this? And what opportunities does this present to HE and research institutions?
Following a presentation of the research headlines delegates will be invited to debate what this new insight into the education landscape means, and discuss the opportunities for HE engagement within and beyond Europe.

  • Learn how the HE policy landscape has shifted in Europe recently
  • See the extent to which national policy developments are matched by national financial investments

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