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Launching new research commissioned by British Council, this session explores the role of digital skills and platforms in refugee and host community relations. Questions for discussion include:

  • How are digital skills and platforms being used to create, foster and adapt spaces for refugee and host communities to come together? What impact does this have on refugee and host community relations?
  • How do digital platform users and digital skills learners contribute to community building?
  • In what ways do digital platforms and skills support community building between refugee and host communities?

Join us at this World Café session to hear from a range of speakers who represent providers and users from refugee or host communities and work across initiatives in formal and informal education, information sharing and journalism. This discussion will give delegates an opportunity to share learning, best practice and explore areas of challenge and opportunity on both policy and practice.


Ms Anna Miller, Lead - Global Projects, Kiron, Germany

Ms Anne Kjær Riechert, CEO, ReDi - Women's Programme, Germany

Ms Racha Nasreddine, Deputy Country Director, British Council, Syria

Mr Teymour Ashkan, Founder, Istanbul & I, Turkey

Ms Asmaa Yousuf, Amal, Berlin!Germany

Mr Moataz Ghannam, Student Assistant, Kiron, Germany