Broadening horizons: improving outward mobility

Tuesday 02 June 2015 -
11:00 to 12:15
Session 6.3. Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London.

Two new research reports are presented which provide a comprehensive view of students’ own perspectives of the impact of outward mobility as part of a UK higher education, identify the barriers and suggest solutions to help policy makers and institutions identify positive messages of the benefits of mobility.

In its third year, ‘Broadening Horizons’ builds on the findings of previous research to present trends in UK and US student perceptions of and demand for overseas study.  Based on a survey of over 7,500 UK and US full-time students, the research explores the drivers of and barriers to study abroad from the viewpoints of students who have studied or aspire to study abroad, as well as those who do not express interest in overseas study. The research additionally offers recommendations that may help encourage the next generation of students to be more open to study abroad, and provides higher education institutions and providers with guidance to support their recruitment and marketing activities.

The ‘Student perspectives’ research will present students’ perspectives on their academic outcomes, their higher education experience and their career prospects. It will explore in more depth the barriers (real or perceived) identified in ‘Broadening Horizons’ and the 2012 ‘Riordan Review of Outward Mobility’ that dissuade students from participating in overseas study exchanges or work placement programmes. It will also explore the reasons for students’ decisions to participate in, or not to participate in, mobility programmes.

The second part of the session will feature case studies from institutions in UK, France, US, and Brazil and Mexico who will present best practice in outward mobility.


Jean-Bernard Adrey
Director - Centre for Global Engagement, Coventry University, UK

Jean-Bernard Adrey taught in the US, Italy and the UK before joining Coventry University in 2005 in the Careers and Employability Service, which he joint-headed until 2009. He founded Coventry’s International Experience and Mobility Service, which received the EAIE 2014 Award for Innovation in Internationalisation. As Director of the Centre for Global Experience, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the strategy for experiential internationalisation. Session 6.3



Tom Atterson
Head of Study Abroad, King's College London, UK

Tom Atterson has nine years’ Higher Education experience, most notably in programme administration, student mobility and internationalisation activities such as partnership creation and development. He is currently Head of Study Abroad at King’s College London, having previously managed the outward mobility programme for King’s students. Session 6.3

Tom Atterson,

Anne Marie Graham
Head of Programme - Outward Student Mobility, UK Higher Education International Unit, UK

Anne Marie Graham leads the UK Strategy for Outward Mobility, which aims to increase the proportion of UK domiciled HE students accessing international opportunities. She has published several reports on higher education, including labour market intelligence for the University Council of Modern Languages, the British Academy and Routes into Languages. Session 6.3


Aurélien Krejbich
Head of the Centre for Europe - International Affairs division, Sciences Po, France

Aurélien Krejbich is Head of the Centre for Europe at the international affairs division of Sciences Po. The Center for Europe is in charge of promoting Sciences Po policy at the European level. It aims to coordinate a large network of European educational and research partnerships including a dozen of dual degree programmes. With ten years of experience in the higher education sector, AK has been closely involved into ScPo development. Session 6.3

Aurélien Krejbich

Zainab Malik
Research Director - Education Intelligence in Hong Kong, British Council, Hong Kong, SAR

Zainab joined Education Intelligence in 2012, after working in research at the University of Pennsylvania. She has authored research on topics in education policy, transnational education and employability and specializes in data analysis as well as strategy development. She earned a bachelor's degree from Colgate University and a master's degree with distinction in International Education Development from the University of Pennsylvania. Session 6.3

Zainab Malik

Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne
Director of Research and Intelligence, Careers Research & Advisory Centre (CRAC), UK

Robin leads CRAC's research work on careers, focusing on how and why people enter and leave higher education and their transitions to employment, including employability development. He has recently extended this work to evaluate the impact of international HE study and TNE (transnational education) for participants and institutions as well as wider impacts at national level. Session 6.3

Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne

Sibilla Robutti
Study Abroad Coordinator, St Mary's University Twickenham, UK

Sibilla is Study Abroad Coordinator at St Mary's. She has conducted research on intercultural competence and designed online resources to support experiential learning in mobility. Previously, she worked as an Intercultural Mediator with refugees and victims of trafficking and has studied and worked in four different EU countries and in India. Session 6.3

Sibilla Robutti

Pablo Rojo
Director of Scholarships, National Council for Science and Technology

Before joining CONACyT, Pablo Rojo conducted research at the public management division of the Research and Teaching Economics Centre (CIDE) and served as Executive Coordinator of the Mexican Local Government Award. He has published several articles and coordinated a number of books, including: “Quality government for development” and “Effective Local Government”. Session 6.3


Melissa Schuessler
International Education Development Manager, Leeds University Business School, UK

Melissa Schuessler is the International Education Development Manager at Leeds University Business School and a HEURO committee member. With an MA in Intercultural Education and Internationalisation and previous experience as an Erasmus Institutional coordinator, her role is to create institutional frameworks and operations to support internationalisation initiatives. Session 6.3

Melissa Schuessler

Professor Jun Takahashi
Advisor - Office of Undergraduate Studies, University of Campinas, Brazil

The office of Undergraduate Studies at University of Campinas, Brazil, has the task to oversee all the University student programs, including mobility programs. Professor Takahashi is a High Energy Physicist working in large international collaborations both in the U.S. and also in Europe, including the LHC at CERN. Session 6.3