P.1 Quality assurance of transnational higher education

Wednesday 03 June 2015 -
09:00 to 12:30
The Royal Society, London

Cost: £150

As transnational higher education (TNE) has grown worldwide, institutions and regulators have tried to evolve quality assurance to match . Yet TNE continues to challenge quality assurance norms- in terms of the array of institutional and non-institutional actors, delivery mode specifics and interactions between host and source country processes and cultures. Institutions and regulators remain fundamentally national entities, while by definition TNE crosses national borders.

In 2015, with more than two decades of experience with TNE in a number of countrie s, what is the state-of-play on quality assurance? What does institutional good practice look like? To what extent are TNE-specific regulations spelled out versus integration under a broader quality code? Are quality assurance arrangements for TNE increasingly homogeneous between countries, or do major differences remain? Which are examples of host and source country cooperation?

In 2015, what do we know about the quality of TNE higher education in different countries? To what extent are prospective students able to make informed decisions about TNE options in terms of the study experienceand academic and employment outcomes?

The “Quality Beyond Boundaries” initiative, whereby a number of major TNE hubs- Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE- are forging an alliance, is an intriguing drive towards identifying commonality. This workshop will bring together institutional and regulator voices internationally to debate present and future TNE quality assurance. Attendees will leave with a more rounded understanding of arrangements in different countries and institutions, a clearer sense of evolving good practice, and an expanded network of contacts.

William Archer
Chief Executive, i-graduate, UK

i-graduate founder Will Archer directs the world’s largest study of student opinion. Reporting in confidence to universities across the globe, his team benchmarks student and stakeholder perceptions using proprietary survey instruments adopted by governments and 800 universities across 5 continents. Will worked previously as an adviser to multinational corporations on international recruitment, researching and recruiting talent worldwide. Session 5.7 Session P.1

William Archer

Carolyn Campbell
Senior Consultant, Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, UK

Carolyn Campbell has had a career in HE policy and quality assurance at national and international levels. She is currently Senior Consultant at the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education where she is also a member of the Advisory Board. Prior to this she was Head of International at the Quality Assurance Agency for HE having held senior posts in predecessor national quality assurance organisations in the UK. Session P.1


Dr Ian Dougal
Global Dean - Undergraduate, Hult International Business School

Ian is responsible for the undergraduate degree program at Hult International Business School, which operates campuses in London and San Francisco and study centres in Dubai and Shanghai. Across the past 15 years Ian has overseen the development and implementation of the School's US degree programs in London, ensuring compliance with both US and UK regulatory frameworks. Session P.1 

Ian Dougal

Dr Warren H. Fox
Chief of Higher Education - Universities and Colleges Agency, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, United Arab Emirates

Dr Warren H. Fox has served in many capacities in higher education at the campus, system, and statewide levels in the US and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in the Emirate of Dubai, the UAE; he also serves as Chief of Higher Education for KHDA Dubai. Previously he was head of higher education for the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the UAE. Session 3.3 Session 5.8 Session P.1

Dr Warren H. Fox

Dr Martin Lockett
Dean of Academic Development - Ashridge & Global Dean (Academic Affairs), Hult International Business School

Martin is responsible for accreditations and quality assurance across Ashridge and Hult in their innovative cross-border merger of academic frameworks to award US and UK degrees.  In his 11 years at Ashridge, he led the obtaining of UK degree awarding powers as well as developing Ashridge’s international presence.  He is a UK and international QAA reviewer and was a member of advisory groups on external examining and the quality assurance of TNE. Session P.1

Dr Martin Lockett

Nitesh Sughnani
Quality Assurance Manager - University Quality Assurance International Board (UQAIB), Higher Education Department for the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)

Nitesh has been with the KHDA for nearly 7 years and is responsible for managing the quality assurance activities of UQAIB and works closely with the International Branch Campuses in Dubai for the purpose of their UQAIB reviews. The University Quality Assurance International Board is a board of leading international higher education quality assurance experts established by the authority of KHDA. Session P.1

Nitesh Sughnani

Dr Fabrizio Trifiro
Manager International , Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), UK

Fabrizio Trifiro joined QAA for Higher Education in the UK in 2009, where he leads the agency’s work on the international student experience and undertakes reviews of TNE. He was part of the review teams carrying out the review of UK TNE in China (2012/13) and in the UAE (2013/14), and led the development of the Guide for HE providers ‘Assuring Quality for International Students Studying in the UK’. Session P.1