Going Global Delegates: Round table discusion
Date and times  Wednesday 2 May 2018, 09.00 - 12.00 
Location Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
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Standard Price  £130
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This masterclass will introduce you to the work of QAA focusing on their international remit and, specifically, will highlight QAA’s role in working with countries to enable the development of a sound and sustainable base in one country from which to grow TNE partnerships with UK universities. It will provide an opportunity to consider and discuss the key challenges and opportunities related to such partnerships. 

QAA reviews UK TNE through a country-based process and has significant experience in this field. Drawing on its experience, it is in a position to facilitate the start of country specific TNE partnerships and to work with UK and international partners to develop an attractive base from which to engage in TNE relationships.

This interactive masterclass will enable you to identify and explore how to create the conditions for the successful development of TNE partnerships. An analysis of QAA’s international work will provide insights into what makes an effective TNE partnership, with time for questions and discussion.

QAA will provide case studies on actual examples of how they have helped facilitate TNE partnerships to enable you to learn from this expertise. The main part of the masterclass will enable you to bring your experience on approaches and challenges to date and learn how to build on that to help create the conditions for the successful development of TNE partnerships. This will also generate ideas for future partnership working.

Participation in this session will be of benefit to International Higher Education Institutions as it will provide an opportunity for greater understanding for national agencies and ministries with aspirations to develop and refine TNE provision.

 This masterclass is designed for: 

  • Institution and national agency personnel;
  • Academic and senior administrators with responsibility for quality assurance and developing international links;
  • Institutional level decision makers or strategists in international facing roles and similar in system wide organisations such as ministries.

 Participant learning outcomes:

  • A developed understanding of the key challenges and opportunities in building TNE partnerships and a picture of how quality assurance might help to facilitate those partnerships to the benefit of the UK and the overseas partners;
  • A greater understanding of some of the key areas for consideration in developing TNE partnerships drawn from QAA’s experience of working with and reviewing TNE provision;
  • A record of discussions captured on worksheets that can be applied to their own context and needs;
  • A set of contacts with which to take forward further discussion;
  • An understanding of the work of QAA, specifically in the international field and of how QAA works with other organisations such as the British Council;
  • Case study analysis: Building capacity and strengthening quality assurance in the Philippines to enable TNE partnerships to grow.

Advanced preparation 

Prior to the masterclass you will be provided with some advance resources. It is not essential to engagement that you have time to look at these but they will help you to gain the maximum learning outcomes form the workshop.

Tutor Profiles

The training will be delivered by a senior member/s of QAA’s team with extensive experience of working internationally as well as within the UK. They will bring experience of working in and with higher education institutions in the UK and overseas as well as working for QAA, as a national quality assurance agency working internationally. The workshop material will be specially designed by quality enhancement specialists within QAA involved with designing and developing toolkits to enable the effective sharing of experience and to deliver valuable outputs for workshop participants. 


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