PC01.English and language policy in HE internationalisation

Date Thursday 25 May 2017
Time 09.30 - 16.30
Location SOAS, University of London
RSVP Sorry this session is now at capacity


This symposium will provide an opportunity to share good practice and challenges faced in the development and implementation of higher education language policies.

With increasing global movement of students and staff from different language backgrounds between international universities, the issue of language policy may be expected to be near the top of the agenda of industry leaders. The rapid increase of English-medium education in non-traditional contexts has brought this issue into focus.

Inadequate or inappropriate language policies in the academic and administrative domains of universities bring a range of risks, including; less effective teaching, reduced learning outcomes, ineffective staff and student recruitment, reduced research output, challenges towards equity and linguistic rights, and the personal wellbeing of students and staff. However, despite these risks a clear and explicit language policy at institutional level remains the exception rather than the rule. 

This one day symposium aims to provide an opportunity for experts and leaders from UK and international higher education institutions to share their experience, good practice and the challenges faced  in the development and implementation of appropriate, effective and fair higher education language policies.

Through a combination of case-study presentation from researchers and practitioners, and open conversation, participants will reflect and gain insight into international good practice in higher education language policy development. 


  • Dr Denise Areu-e-Lima, President, Languages Without Borders, Ministry of Education, Brazil
  • Ayşen Güven, Head of English and Higher Education, British Council, Turkey
  • Professor Rebecca Hughes, Director of Education, British Council, UK
  • Andy Kirkpatrick, Griffith University, Australia 
  • Ernesto Macaro, Centre for Research and Development in English Medium Instruction, University of Oxford, UK
  • Professor Barry O'Sullivan, Head of Assessment Research, British Council, UK
  • Professor Pauline Rea-Dickins, Centre for Educational Assessment, University of Oxford, UK
  • Dr Paul Roberts, Director - Centre for English Language Teaching, University of York, UK
  • Roger Smith, Director - Network of English Language Enhancement, Aga Khan University, Pakistan