Tuesday 02 June 2015 -
11:00 to 12:15
Session 6.4. Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London.

This World Café session features expert contributors exploring the mechanisms underlying the positive impact of international collaborations on research performance, innovation and society as a whole. The session will disentangle how convergence and divergence in research cultures and practices are manifest in these collaborations, and shed light on key competencies needed by globally mobile researchers navigating this evolving landscape and those seeking to network and collaborate transnationally.

The session is designed to engage participants in discussions and to provide an opportunity to share best practice.  Outputs will be captured to facilitate future collaborations in research and innovation.

This session is curated by Dr Jane Wellens, Head of the Graduate School, University of Nottingham, UK and Dr Alison Mitchell, Director of Development, Vitae, UK as part of our 2015 guest curated session series.

Professor Bill Buenar Puplampu

Professor Bill Buenar Puplampu

Acting Vice-President Academic Affairs, Central University College, Ghana

Bill Puplampu is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at the University of Ghana Business School. He has taught at the Universities of Westminster; East London; Ghana; and Central University where he is currently the Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs. Session 6.4

Dr John Kirkland OBE

Dr John Kirkland OBE

Deputy Secretary General, Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK

Dr Kirkland has extensive research management experience and has led a number of projects designed to support the strengthening of research capacity in African universities. He has also established programmes and networks for university staff in other key areas, including libraries, human resource management, PR/communications, and extension work. Session 6.4

Susan Milner

Susan Milner

Director of Education, British Council, China

Susan has worked in China and Hong Kong as a teacher trainer, as China Director for Voluntary Service Overseas and as Education Adviser with the UK Department for International Development. She joined the British Council as Director, Education for China and Hong Kong region in 2010. Session 5.1 Session 6.4


Dr Alison Mitchell

Director of Development, Vitae, UK

Dr Alison Mitchell is Director of Development at Vitae, a not-for-profit organisation promoting researcher career development and learning to realise the potential of researchers in UK and internationally. She leads major projects including the Vitae Researcher Development Framework and Planner, and programmes on equality and diversity, employability, enterprise and internships. Session 6.4

Professor Stella M Nkomo

Professor Stella Nkomo

Professor - Department of Human Resource Management, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Stella Nkomo’s internationally recognized research has been published in numerous journals and edited volumes. Current research interests focus on building knowledge and theory to understand management issues in Africa from critical management and postcolonial theoretical perspectives. She is the President of The Africa Academy of Management. Session 6.4

Dr Jane Wellens

Dr Jane Wellens

Head - Graduate School, The University of Nottingham, UK

Dr Jane Wellens is Head of the Graduate School at the University of Nottingham where she is responsible for the development and implementation of the University's strategies for postgraduate students, research staff and doctoral supervisors. She has a keen interest in the challenges of supporting researchers in an international context. Session 6.4

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