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Our policy partners include organisations and individuals who sit on our Steering and Advisory Committees to shape the content and delivery of the conference. With specialist and expert knowledge of education policy and strategy, our Steering and Advisory Committees make a vital contribution to the topics and themes addressed at Going Global. 

Steering and Advisory Committees

Going Global Steering Committee

Suzanne Alexander, University of Leicester, UK

Dr Veronica Bamber, Queen Margaret University, UK

Christine Bateman, University of Liverpool, UK 

Carolyn Campbell, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, UK 

Dr David Docherty, Council for Industry and Higher Education, UK 

Martin Doel, Association of Colleges, UK 

Tim Gore OBE, University of London International Programmes, UK 

Prof. Colin Grant, University of Bath, UK 

Prof. Brian Hobbs, University of Glamorgan, UK 

Eugine Incerti, National Apprenticeships Service, UK 

Sophie Laurie, Research Councils UK 

Dr William Lawton, Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, UK 

Dr Nina Lemmens, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Germany 

David Lock, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, UK 

Prof. Mohamed Loutfi, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK 

John Mountford, Association of Colleges, UK 

Ehsan Masood, Research Fortnight, UK 

Linda McTavish, Anniesland College, UK 

Vivienne Stern, UK Higher Education International Unit, UK

Patrick Shipp, Department of Business Innovation and Skills, UK 

Dr Mary Stiasny, Institute of Education, UK 

Shelagh Whittleston, Australian Delegation to the OECD, Belgium 

Americas Advisory Committee

Marie Levens, Organization of American States

Dr Allan Goodman, Institute of International Education (IIE)

Dr Patti McGill Peterson, American Council on Education (ACE) 

Alice Blayne-Allard, American Association of Community Cooleges (AACC)

Francisco Marmolejo, World Bank

Prof. Glaucius Oliva, CNPq

Dr Jorge Guimaraesm, CAPES

Javier Botero, UNESCO IESALC

Dr Cecilia Maria Velez White, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University

Dr Thomas Buntru, Mexican Association for International Education

Dr Enrique Cabrero Mendoza, CONACYT