Going Global 2018 session
Monday 01 June 2020 - 09:00 to Wednesday 30 September 2020 - 23:00

This event took place on 16 June at 11am, UK time.

The current situation with Covid-19 will have an immediate and long term impact on the internationalisation of HE, a major driving force in the adoption of English Medium (EM).

This virtual session will explore some of the potential impacts at a micro level (classroom level) on students and content teachers using EM, and longer term impacts at a macro (country level) and meso (institutional level) for language policy, the spread of English Medium and the digitisation of learning.

This interactive panel discussion was chaired by Roy Cross.  Our speakers were:

  • Nicola Galloway, University of Edinburgh
  • Jenna Mittelmeier, University of Manchester
  • Heath Rose, University of Oxford
  • Kari Sahan, University of Oxford
  • Reka Jablonkai, University of Bath
  • Samantha Curle, University of Bath


Roy Cross

English for Education Systems, British Council

Roy works in the British Council’s English for Education Systems team. His first experience of English Medium Education was the year he spent teaching in Darjeeling in 1974. His second was at Zagreb University from 1979. In both places, he was blissfully unaware of any issues regarding the medium of instruction. Over the forty years with the British Council since, he has become less unaware of the issues, to the extent that he now believes, along with McLuhan, that the medium is the message.

Nicola Galloway

University of Edinburgh

Nicola is a Lecturer in TESOL at University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on the globalisation of the English language, including attitudes towards English and ELT, global Englishes curriculum design and the incorporation of a Global Englishes perspective into teacher education. Her research also focuses on the internationalisation of higher education, with a focus on English Medium Instruction (EMI) in universities in non-native English speaking contexts.

Jenna Mittelmeier

University of Manchester

Jenna is a lecturer in International Education. Her research expertise is on international students' transition experiences in higher education (particularly social and academic transitions). She is also interested in broader aspects of developing ethical and sustainable curriculum internationalisation in higher education. Her research projects have additionally included studies on supporting doctoral students' experiences and the role of technology in curriculum internationalisation.

Heath Rose

University of Oxford

Heath is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at University of Oxford who specialises in Language Teaching research. His research has included self-regulation and language learner strategies, Global Englishes, teaching English as an international language, and English Medium Instruction. Publications include a number of books on Global Englishes, including Introducing Global Englishes (Routledge) and Global Englishes for Language Teaching (Cambridge).

Kari Sahan

University of Oxford

Kari has recently completed her DPhil at the University of Oxford on ‘Exploring the language policies and classroom practices of English medium instruction in Turkish Higher Education’.  

Reka Jablonkai

University of Bath

Reka is a lecturer at the University of Bath. She has been working in the field of Applied Linguistics and TESOL as a researcher, lecturer, teacher trainer and ESP/EAP teacher in several higher education contexts including Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Lithuania, and the UK.  Her research interests include corpus-based discourse analysis, corpora in English language teaching and learning, teaching ESP and EAP, and intercultural communication.

Samantha Curle

University of Bath

Samantha Curle is an assistant professor of applied linguistics in the Department of Education at The University of Bath. Her EMI-related research has recently appeared in journals such as Language Teaching, Studies in Higher Education, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, and Journal of Asia TEFL.

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