Opening plenary from Going Global
Aromar Revi speaking at Going Global 2017

“We do not have to choose between the local, the national, and the global. Nor can we, in a world in which global cooperation is not an option, but a necessity, and where the local and the global are irrevocably intertwined.” Professor Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool and Vice-President of Universities UK, speaking at the Opening plenary. 

The conference took place 22-24 May 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London and was attended by over 900 delegates (leaders in higher education, business and government) from around the world.

Some 77 countries were represented by delegates, including vice-chancellors, pro vice-chancellors, and government ministers.

Watch the videos from Going Global 2017: 

  • Video 1:Watch a brief summary video of the highights of Going Global 2017. 
  • Video 2: Watch keynote speaker, Aromar Revi, give his address at the opening plenary.
  • Video 3: Watch the plenary from Day 2: Innovation districts: city panacea or urban myth?
  • Video 4: Watch the closing plenary. 

2017 theme

'Global cities: connecting talent, driving change'

We explored how universities and colleges support city-regional economies and social and civic engagement, connecting the world's cities to global knowledge and talent and addressing global challenges.

In an era characterised by both globalisation and urbanisation, tertiary education institutions have unprecedented opportunities to mobilise their expertise and prepare young people for the future and drive forward research and policy agendas at the city, national and global levels.

However, universities and colleges also face challenges, not least because of the changing nature and locations of tertiary education delivery.

We examined this theme through four lenses: Research and innovation, Talent development and flows, Societies and communities and Leadership.

Session highlights

Going Global 2017 held 40 sessions with presentations from some of the world's leading academics, industry leaders and policy influencers. 

We've picked some of the key takeaways from our packed three day schedule: 

  • Welcoming delegates from more than 350 institutions across the world, Sir Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive of the British Council, said at the opening plenary, “The future of the planet is in the future of people like us, people who have the future of our young people in our hands”.
  • On the second day of the conference sessions began, and unique research by the British Council was released looking at how young Syrian refugees in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon feel about the educational opportunities open to them.
  • Professor John Hudzik, Michigan State University, USA, said in his session, 'Is internationalisation dead in a “post-truth” age?', that with so much focus in recent years on the financial value and costs of higher education, there was a need for the sector to remind itself and the public of its core values of access, equity, knowledge for its own sake, and problem solving.
  • Professor Aina spoke about the importance of the “Five Ps” in transformation: People, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership in his session 'Sustainable Cities: The Development Challenge'. 
  • On the final day of the conference, an update was presented on the study The shape of global higher education, launched at Going Global in 2016, which has now been extended to capture details of the policy landscape in a total of 38 countries.
  • In his session, 'Global urbanisation: town vs. gown', Luca Bergamo, Vice-mayor of Rome, said Rome did not see its universities as institutional bodies physically situated in one place or several places. “The university is providing knowledge that becomes part of your social change and your cultural world... The role of a university is to be part of a process that leads to individual emancipation, the fulfilment of human rights.”

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