Ongoing opportunties for Future Leaders Connect members 

Following their time on the Future Leaders Connect programme, members can access a range of opportunities around the world. See below some recent events and activities that Future Leaders Connect members have been involved in following their time on the programme. 

May 2018 - Going Global Conference (Malaysia)

Our Future Leaders Connect member Nwamaka Ogbonna from Nigeria was a speaker at the 2018 Going Global conference for leaders of international education in Kuala Lumpur. As part of the closing plenary she was one of four international students who reflected on their experiences, the debates they had listened to during the conference and the future challenges for higher education from a student perspective. Nwamaka talked about how the world was changing rapidly and there needed to be a commitment to lifelong learning and imagining new ways of teaching and upskilling people across the world. She would like to see university leaders and policy makers include the voices of the global south that were often left out of the conversation. 

March 2018 - Policy Incubator (Mexico City) 

Our teams in USA, Canada, UK and Mexico have joined together to create the Policy Incubator. This is a Future Leaders Connect project which brings members together in Mexico City to work together to develop and share alternative narratives as means to participate in the process of influencing public policy in the field of migration. This opportunity gives the members the opportuntiy to strengthen their policy making and leadership skills, develop their relationships with emerging leaders from around the world and make connections with established global leaders. The outcome of Policy Incubator in Mexico City will be the development of social action projects aimed at challenging existing narratives and sharing tools to influence public policy on migration across the countries involved. 

#PolicyIncubator as part of #FutureLeadersConnect

March 2018 - UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office 

We are working with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to convene Future Leaders Connect members with other inspiring young leaders at Wilton Park, one of the world’s leading centres for discussion of key international policy challenges. Those involved will collaboratively discuss key policy issues over two days and come up with insight and actions to help drive forward significant Government agendas.