IELTS candidate, China:

'I was very nervous before the test, but I relaxed once it started. The examiner's friendly attitude was the key factor. His kindness encouraged me to talk about whatever came into my mind. Once I was blocked, but he smiled at me in order to encourage me to carry on speaking'.

Sidra Majid, Pakistan:

'I found all British Council staff to be efficient and all invigilators to be helpful and considerate. Their effort to ensure that the exam was conducted smoothly, was indeed admirable'.

FCE candidate, Poland:

'… I am finally the happy owner of an FCE certificate. I have been told it even has a silver stripe. I have not seen it yet but was told what it looked like by my mother who collected it from the British Council. She was extremely happy with the efficient procedures you have and with the work of the BC. She praised you very much'.

Ayesha Ali, Pakistan:

'The staff are extremely friendly, co-operative and helpful. I thoroughly appreciate the efforts the British Council puts in each year to organise the exams at such a massive level'.

Soha Sameh Hassen, Egypt:

'I want to thank ESOL examinations which offer us this opportunity to improve our English by having FCE exam. I think it's good exam to anyone who wants to be better in English. It has benefited me a lot in many aspects of life. I would recommend it for all my friends because it's very useful for everybody'.

Daniel Bennett, UCLA:

'The comprehensive nature of the IELTS examination and its world-wide availability make it an attractive option'.

Howard Gregory, ABRSM examiner:

'What a feather in the cap of the British Council for enabling examinations to go ahead despite seemingly insuperable obstacles. Thank you so much. I'm sure our adventure will live long in the annals of the Associated Board'.