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Transforming Schools: Leadership at all levels

In previous years the British Council’s Schools Now! conference has covered themes such as resilience, innovation and internationalising the school’s vision and curriculum. This year’s theme builds on these areas with a focus on school leadership and how you have had to navigate your school community through an ever-changing educational landscape. 

For many schools there has been a focus on mental health and well-being and recovering the losses created by the recent pandemic.  You’ve had to look at creative ways of supporting your leadership team, teachers, students, and parents to overcome challenges and face the future with confidence. Effective leadership involves understanding and demonstrating the value of leading across all levels. 

Providing teachers with professional pathways allows them to develop on an individual level whilst further enriching the learning experience of students in their classrooms.  Enabling and supporting our students to develop leadership skills from a young age will help students overcome challenges, take advantage of opportunities and become the leaders of tomorrow.  


  • The roles and expectations of leaders in our schools:  
    The role of the school leader is constantly changing in response to the new challenges that our learners face. School leaders have high expectations of themselves and must meet the different needs of students, parents and the wider school community. We will explore these expectations and how they relate to developing the staff and students in our schools. We will also focus on the importance of self-care and how school leaders can demonstrate the behaviours that we expect our teachers and learners to follow.
  • Professional Pathways towards effective leadership:
    An effective school is one where leadership is shared across staff members; those working in the classroom and those working equally hard to ensure that the school runs smoothly. School leaders need to consider career pathways for all staff members so that they can aspire to improve their skills for themselves as individuals, for the school and for their wider contribution to education, whilst providing a safe and enriching environment.
  • Developing student leaders 
    Schools should create opportunities for students to develop as active learners, critical thinkers and responsible young people who understand their own role as leaders. We will explore how students can become leaders within the school community, and how we can help them develop effective leadership skills.