If you are a teacher or a leader from a British Council Partner Schools community, we would like to invite you to apply for our newly launched Action Research Grants for Partner Schools.

The aims of this research are:

  • Raise educational standards by addressing the latest challenges and developments through innovation
  • Improve the learning experiences for thousands of students by supporting our global community of Partner Schools
  • Share and build the knowledge and skills of our community through training, events and published papers.

Who can apply?

The grants are open for all teachers and leaders from British Council Partner Schools. 

If you are a teacher or leader from a British Council Partner School and you are passionate about conducting Action Research to improve the educational outcomes of your students, you are invited to apply.  

What are the areas of research?

  • Developing leadership at all levels in your educational setting to promote school improvement     
  • Developing effective Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes to promote school improvement
  • Using technology and digital learning in developing high quality teaching, learning and assessment 

What financial support will you get?

We’ll support successful applicants in their action research through funding and with an assigned expert academic lead to guide them on how to conduct, report and share their research findings. 

Grants available

The total amount of funding available per applicant for the programme is up to £2,500. There are 12 places offered in the 2023/2024 academic year.

What academic support will you get?

We will help you with: 

  • Expert support and guidance in producing innovative research through online tutoring and workshops 
  • Individual mentoring sessions with expert academic leads
  • Guidance in undertaking peer to peer conversations with colleagues in shared exploration and research
  • Assistance in the final preparation of the research paper and publication
  • Support to share findings through conferences and training

What are the benefits to researchers and schools?

  • Researchers will have the opportunity to have their research published and shared on national and international platforms 
  • Researchers will have the opportunity to deliver research papers at national and international conferences
  • Participating school’s profiles will be raised within the international education community 
  • Researchers will have the skills to support training within school
  • Schools and students will benefit from improved teaching and learning.

What are the benefits for the wider school community?

  • Action Research will create opportunities for British Council Partner Schools to draw on both theory and practice to find global solutions
  • A bank of themed practitioner led research papers addressing key educational issues will be made available 
  • The practice by researchers will develop a culture of action research within the local, national and international school community.

Key dates

Online Information session for potential applicants 28 March 2023
Call for proposals 28 March 2023
Application deadline 21 April 2023
Interviews for shortlisted applicants 15 - 18 May 2023

The project period for Action Research will last the length of the school year.

 Please note that we are working towards the above key dates. Those dates will, however, be subject to change as per circumstances and we will update this page regularly.

About Partner Schools Action Research Grants

The British Council is a trusted provider of expert support for our Partner Schools around the world, delivering high-stakes, international school qualifications. We help schools understand the benefits of international UK school qualifications, and work directly with three UK awarding bodies. 

We are committed to supporting Partner Schools to improve the educational outcomes of learners, by supporting teachers with a wide range of focused and relevant professional development opportunities.

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