The Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) is the British Council’s community of schools offering UK international qualifications such as IGCSEs and A levels, which are administered by the British Council on behalf of the UK Exam Boards. The PSGN offer also supports leaders, teachers, students and parents in over 2000 partner schools worldwide through access to professional development, educational resources and networking opportunities.

The PSGN also allows us to go beyond offering exams services. We offer support to over 4,000 leaders, 50,000 teachers and over 1 million students in 2000 partner schools across 34 countries around the world through access to professional development, access to educational resources and networking opportunities. 

As part of British Council’s commitment to providing continuous professional development opportunities for teachers and leaders, it launched the PSGN Online Support for School platform, which offers 50 training modules on topics like lesson management, child protection, and professional development. Over 150,000 modules have been completed by over 40,000 registered teachers. 

In Egypt, we support over 140 partner schools and 130,000 students. The British Council recently launched the Science Stars competition and Code Club, which attracted almost 1000 students in the first few months.

Egypt recently hosted the annual Schools Now! Conference which built on the successes of previous conferences in Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Jordan and last years’ online conference.

PSGN Schools Now! Conference 2020

Schools Now is a global conference that fosters pedagogical innovation across partner schools within British Council’s Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN). It is a networking opportunity where school leaders from around the globe get to share experiences and knowledge.

The fifth Schools Now! conference took place in Cairo, Egypt in March 2020 and was inaugurated by Elizabeth White, Country Director of the British Council in Egypt; Geoffrey Adams, British ambassador to Egypt and the Egyptian Deputy Minister of Education, Reda Higazy.

Over 300 delegates from 20 countries came to learn about the crucial role that leaders play in internationalising schools, the importance of core 21st century skills alongside intercultural understanding, and the significant role technology plays in creating opportunities for the school community to make connections with the wider world. 

In opening the conference, Elizabeth White, Country Director of British Council in Egypt talked about how PSGN creates opportunities for working together and develops young people to be globally minded. 

The Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Rega Hegazy, spoke about how education is the goal of life, and in light of today’s digital transformation, the goal is not to spoon-feed students with information, but to create global thinkers who are capable of critical thinking, of reflecting on the wider world around them, and of working collaboratively, to be able participate in current global conversations.

Delegates were encouraged to explore how we can develop a vision and culture for schools through international education, compelling learning, wider community involvement and effective communication, to ultimately prepare students for the challenges of a global society. They did this through keynote sessions, interactive workshops and panel discussions.

The conference also explored how we can utilise STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) as a means to achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals. In such educational settings, students work together to solve problems related to their society, helping them establish a sense of ownership and global citizenship where everyone is accountable for their actions as change agents.

In addition to the 300 delegates who attended the conference, a further 24,000 school leaders and teachers were able to attend via livestreamed sessions. Feedback from conference delegates has been incredibly positive.