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Our Future 2020: English exams competition

Success in an English exam could make a real difference to your future. Now it’s your turn to set the question. Our Future is the biggest English exams competition for school-age learners in Europe. 

Coming soon: More information about Our Future 2020.


School-age learners and teachers in ten countries across Europe took part in the Our Future 2019 competition. 

Find out the Our Future 2019 winners here!

Congratulations to all the winners, runners up and special mentions selected by a judging panel of Sophie Kopanos (British Council, LearnEnglish Exams tutor), Jenny Wilde (British Council, LearnEnglish Exams tutor), and Paul Doherty (British Council Exams Digital Manager Europe).

Well done to everyone that participated in viewing all the 165 entries on our vimeo channel and who ‘liked’ their favourite entry. There were over 20,000 plays and over 4,500 likes.

Teachers told us again this year how useful this competition was to help their students prepare for Cambridge English Qualifications. They also said how this international competition motivated their students across all levels from pre-A1 Starters all the way up to C2 Proficiency.

Coming soon we will share news of the prize giving and next year news of the winning teachers’ experiences of visiting the IATEFL conference taking place in Manchester in April 2020.

View the Our Future 2019 regional winners of Category 1, 7-12 year olds in Poland!   

View the Our Future 2019 regional winners of Category 2, 13-18 year olds in Romania!  

View all the winning entries of the Our Future 2019 competition here!

Last year two teachers won the regional prize to visit the UK and attend the IATEFL conference which took place in Liverpool in April 2019.  

Sofia Garifalaki, the winning teacher in Greece, described the trip as ‘unforgettable’ and said: ‘It was a great pleasure to participate in such inspirational talks and be able to get in touch with people from all over the world with whom we share the love for teaching’. 

Yoganathan Sivatharshan, the winning teacher in France, told us: ‘I was particularly attracted and astonished by the virtual reality (VR) teacher training experience which demonstrated me the fact that a gigantic transformation in English Language teaching is going ahead. So, the IATEFL conference is a prime occasion to keep up with what's happening in the outside world’.

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