a group of young people planting a tree

Climate Change- From crisis to action

The theme for the Your World 2023/24 video competition is Climate Change - From crisis to action, directly linked to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 13. Students must work in groups of three to five to deliver a social action plan within a community to combat climate change. The groups must create a video three minutes or under to demonstrate the implemented social action plan and its positive impact.

Social action project needed

Let's tackle Climate Change and move from crisis to action now! Students' social action project can make a difference by fighting climate change in their community. Students will choose a community, whether it's their local neighbourhood or school, and address a specific issue that impacts the community. Highlight the problem and its effects, implement the solution, and show the results in their video.

Social action projects could explore one of the following ideas:

  • Community Recycling Program
  • Sustainable Transportation Campaign
  • Community-wide Energy Conservation
  • Sustainable Consumption and Waste Reduction.

Remember, these are just a few examples, and there are numerous ways students can make a difference in tackling climate change. Choose a project that aligns with their interests, skills, and available resources to maximise impact.